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v. dis·solved, dis·solv·ing, dis·solves
a. To cause to pass into solution: dissolve salt in water.
b. To reduce (solid matter) to liquid form; melt.
c. To cause to lose definition; blend or blur: "Morality has finally been dissolved in pity" (Leslie Fiedler).
a. To cause to disappear or vanish; dispel: The sun dissolved the fog. That remark dissolved the tension in the room.
b. To break into component parts; disintegrate: The deal dissolved the company into three separate businesses.
c. To bring to an end, as by breaking up; terminate or annul: "General de Gaulle was returned to power ... with a mandate to dissolve an overseas empire that had turned into a nightmare" (Alison Jolly).
d. To dismiss (an assembly such as a legislative body).
3. To cause to be moved emotionally or upset.
a. To pass into solution: Salt dissolves easily in water.
b. To become liquid; melt: The clumps of snow dissolved into puddles.
c. To lose definition; become blurred or indistinguishable: "The last shadows have dissolved into darkness" (Daniel Blajan).
a. To become disintegrated; disappear: The mist dissolves as the sun rises.
b. To be broken up into separate parts: The empire dissolved into many separate countries.
c. To be brought to an end; be annulled or terminated: After a long separation, the marriage finally dissolved.
3. To be moved or overcome emotionally: I dissolved into helpless laughter.
4. To make a transition between shots in a cinematic work using a superimposition in which the first shot fades out while the second shot gradually appears.
A transition in a cinematic work consisting of a superimposition in which the first shot fades out while the second shot gradually appears. Also called lap dissolve.

[Middle English dissolven, from Latin dissolvere : dis-, dis- + solvere, to release; see leu- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·solv′a·ble adj.
dis·solv′er n.


The adding of a solute to a solvent to form a uniform solution.
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Noun1.dissolving - the process of going into solution; "the dissolving of salt in water"
liquefaction - the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid
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And thus was consummated the work commenced by the Declaration of Independence--a work in which the people of the North American Union, acting under the deepest sense of responsibility to the Supreme Ruler of the universe, had achieved the most transcendent act of power that social man in his mortal condition can perform--even that of dissolving the ties of allegiance by which he is bound to his country; of renouncing that country itself; of demolishing its government; of instituting another government; and of making for himself another country in its stead.
Agafea Mihalovna followed him with a face dissolving with tenderness.
Thrombolytic drugs work by dissolving the mesh of fibrin, a stringy protein, that binds a blood clot together.
Premier Maliki put four alternatives to solve the present crisis, including dissolving the parliament.
The results showed that [BMIM]CI was a good solvent for cellulose, and no side reactions occurred in the dissolving process of cellulose in [BMIM]CI (4).
This can be done by dissolving the district and becoming part of the new region or by transitioning the district into a chapter within the new region.
Details of the dissolving microneedle patches and immunization benefits observed in experimental mice have appeared online in the journal Nature Medicine.
The makers of LISTERINE[R] introduced LISTERINE WHITENING[R] Quick Dissolving Strips, the first and only dissolvable whitening strips from a leading oral care brand.
However, Adzic suspected that because gold prevents an oxide layer from forming, it might keep the platinum from dissolving and thereby boost efficiency.
Metso Paper has been selected to supply a new pulping line for the Brazilian dissolving pulp producer Bahia Pulp.
As the sugar whirls inside the chamber, heat breaks the crystals' bonds, dissolving the sugar into syrup.
Frey's process involves dissolving the cotton with ethylene diamine, a relatively benign solvent, and using an electrospinning process to produce fibers 100 times smaller than anything obtainable by conventional spinning technologies.