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1. Anatomically located far from a point of reference, such as an origin or a point of attachment.
2. Situated farthest from the middle and front of the jaw, as a tooth or tooth surface.

dis′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.distally - far from the center; "the bronchus is situated distally"
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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Description of males.--General color green (Figs 1, 15); antennae basally light brown, distally greenish; fastigium of vertex short, conical, tubercle-like, divided from the frontal fastigium by a distance of 0.1 mm (10x), frontal fastigium of similar shape but smaller; a delicate white stripe from hind margin of eyes to pronotum; occiput anterior half light brown, posteriorly dark brown-blackish; pronotal disc (Fig.
When the Cusp of maxillary tooth overhanging the distal surface of mandibular tooth, in such case maxillary tooth is forced distally by occlusal forces and bolus of the food, destroying the mesial proximal contact and favours food impaction.
Legs: Meso- and metacoxae widely separated; femora cylindrical, weakly oval in cross section; metafemur not reaching apex of abdomen; metatibia slightly longer than metafemur; pretarsus: claws large, very thick basally, narrow and strongly arcuate distally; parempodia distally lobate, leaflike, broad, only apices recurved (Fig.
In addition, the absorbent article has a backsheet which has a second major surface disposed distally from the first major surface.
As the vessels passed distally into the thigh, the vein crossed beneath the artery to lie medial to it in the usual position (Figure 1).
The tube extends distally, adjacent to the palatal tissues and parallel to the occlusal plane up to the molars.
Dorsal fin greyish green to greyish yellow with irregular rows of dark red small spots and dots; proximally elongate over fin rays, medially somewhat horizontally fused, distally denser and smaller.
caudatus in having anteriorly arising, basally contiguous, distally divergent epigynal teeth, distinct anterior margin of atrium, and broad spermathecae, but can be distinguished by relatively short epigynal teeth that extend less than halfway to epigastric furrow and spermathecae that extend parallel anteriorly (Figs.
Scape bracts narrowly elliptic, acute, laxly and variably serrate, laxly arranged distally, becoming dense proximally, red to orange-red.
The nerve stumps were mobilized proximally and distally to allow us to perform a tension-free anastomosis.