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1. Anatomically located far from a point of reference, such as an origin or a point of attachment.
2. Situated farthest from the middle and front of the jaw, as a tooth or tooth surface.

dis′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.distally - far from the center; "the bronchus is situated distally"
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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The seta is slightly curved, tapering distally into a pointed tip, which points dorso-anteriorly (Fig.
Campbell reported that the medial collateral ligament of the dog is located immediately below the junction of the pronator teres muscle and radial flexor muscle of the carpus, distally to their origins.
Antenna with a fan of 4-5 long needle-like setae, arising distally from second proximal exopodial segment, with two additional needle-like setae on first proximal segment.
Once the DES version of the Svelte IDS is available, the system's low profile will also become of greater benefit in treating more challenging and distally located lesions.
After this, the dissection was proceeded distally at the level of the planned fibular osteotomy.
Male terminalia: Genital fork (sternite 5) of known males with medial surface densely clothed in stout, short setae; phallus characteristically shaped, with distally bifid basal distiphallus and strongly recurved distal distiphallus terminating in a spinulose swelling ("glans"); known males with basiphallus extending beyond base of distiphallus.
The SURESHOT System is the first and only, virtual, real-time imaging system that allows surgeons to distally lock screws without the use of fluoroscopy.
Fore femur and tibia of male lacking dark teeth or tubercles; posterior margin of male metasternum bearing a large, distally flaring posteromedial process resting against the genital capsule, posterior margin of this process emarginate, curving downward, and bearing numerous short, vertical striae (Fig.
First male gonopod strongly bent caudo-cephalic; lateral lobe semicircular with distal portion semi-acute, directed distally; accessory lobe spatulated with distal portion regularly rounded, subequal in length to lateral lobe, almost continuous with lateral lobe, except by V-shaped recess between them distally, on lateral view (Fig.
Male cerci subconical in side view, basally expanded, gently curved at about midlength, semispatulate distally with moderately acute apex, in general appearing narrower than H.