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Noun1.distance vision - vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
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Apart from watching the TV or going to the cinema / theatre and occasional spotting tasks like road signs and train times, distance vision is generally done 'on-the-go,' something which distance low vision aids are not suited for due to their restricted field of view and the fact that they tend to distort space and limit movement perception making them unsuitable for walking around.
Both sets of patients had comparable results for good distance vision.
5% expressed that they had more difficulty with distance vision.
The general vision, near vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, vision-related dependency, role limitations, mental health, social functioning, and overall composite scores were moderately correlated with the BCVA of the better-seeing eye.
It is designed to provide exceptional functional vision from near to intermediate, in addition to providing excellent distance vision.
Today Clarity Refractive Services is pleased to announce a new procedure that can safely improve reading vision while preserving distance vision acuity.
She said: "Students who focus intensely on screens and text books for a significant period of time are at risk of pseudomyopia - a temporary form of short-sightedness which causes blurry distance vision and can last for several days.
There's a lens grind called the "mechanics grind" (at least by some vendors) featuring a bifocal correction at both top and bottom of the lens with distance vision in the middle.
Assessing distance vision in the community required accommodations to ensure the safety of students.
Some people have a lens in one eye adjusted for distance vision and one in the other eye for near vision.
You can choose from a monofocal lens, which allows for fixed distance vision, or multifocal lens, which enables distance and near vision," Dr.
Peter Conroy, 73, hit Audrey Noden and daughter Margaret Elvidge, 63, while using reading specs instead of his distance vision set.

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