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Noun1.distance vision - vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
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In cases of anisometropia, looking downwards will induce a differential prism, and the patient may complain that reading is more difficult with their new multifocal lenses compared to their distance vision.
Osama Giledi,Consultant Ophthalmologist,Specialist in Cataract, Cornea and Refractive Vision Correction Surgery,explained that LASIK vision correction would not offer the best results, as the patient would still need to use glasses for the intermediate and near distance vision. Dr.
And so I continued to wear glasses, ostensibly for distance vision, but, because I am a) lazy; b) prone to losing things; and c) too vain to wear a Larry Grayson-style spectacles chain, I only ever took them off for sleeping and showering.
Although all have eyes, many have poor distance vision - especially in deep water where there is no natural light.
New developments in cataract surgery allow for procedures that correct both near and distance vision, reducing or even eliminating the need for glasses after the operation.
Her future earning potential is limited in part due to a lifelong eye condition that makes reading difficult and limits her distance vision. She has difficulty looking at screens for extended periods, and she has a restricted driver's license that only allows her to drive during daylight.
No adverse events were reported in the six-month, post-operative follow-up, and the YAG group also reported improvements in near and distance vision, and mental health.
A 78-year-old woman with a history of a remote right-sided cerebrovascular accident complained of painless, progressive onset of binocular horizontal diplopia, elicited by switching from near to distance vision. Prism glasses improved her symptoms.
In these cases, their distance vision correction is optimized.
LASIK or PRK laser correction is typically done to correct distance vision, but you can request specific powers be done to see at a specific point, just like the Verifier lenses.
In the past, Brillis said, if someone with cataract needed an artificial lens, they were confined to one that was only fixing their distance vision, and using glasses for other conditions, but today, Alcon's AcrySof PanOptixtrifocalIOL, addresses patients' near, intermediate, and distance vision needs with a single lens.

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