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v. dis·tend·ed, dis·tend·ing, dis·tends
To swell out or expand, especially from internal pressure: The puppies ate until their stomachs distended.
To cause to expand, especially from internal pressure; dilate: Fluid distends a blister.

[Middle English distenden, from Latin distendere : dis-, dis- + tendere, to stretch; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·ten′si·ble (dĭ-stĕn′sə-bəl) adj.
dis·ten′si·bil′i·ty n.
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(dɪˈstɛn sə bəl)

capable of being distended.
[1820–30; < Latin distēns(us), past participle of distendere to distend + -ible]
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Adj.1.distensible - capable of being distended; able to stretch and expand; "the stomach is a distensible organ"
expansive - able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion; "Expansive materials"; "the expansive force of fire"
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Later, I got a glimpse of the video of my procedure, appreciating the normal-looking mucosa, its vascularity, the distensible colonic segments with good peristalsis.
Yes, the trachea is flexible and distensible, but not to the point where subglottic pressure causes it to become over a centimeter longer!
Right before one is fully healed, we suggest a regimen to encourage strong and distensible scars, which will allow you to get to the desired diameter for receiving.
If racial identity, psychological Africanity or African personality were so greatly distensible as to include dimension C phenomena, then what would these dimensions A-D represent really?
After that, a soft latex distensible balloon was placed into the left ventricle and inflated until diastolic pressure attained [+ or -] 10 mmHg.
The bowel wall is elastic and distensible, and it can tolerate certain amount of pressure (4).
Pulmonary oedema usually does not develop until late in the disease since the right ventricle is easily distensible as compared to the left ventricle due to which the blood shunts through the ASD instead of backing up into the pulmonary veins.5
However, using a fixed TPG or DPG [6, 7] without consideration of Cardiac Output and PAWP in a quite distensible vascular bed is physiologically unsound.
showed that after the sleeve, the fundus, which is the most distensible part of the stomach, is removed, thus leaving a sleeve which is characterized by markedly lesser distensibility and high intraluminal pressure, leading to the feeling of early satiety [4].
(vi) Correct standardized measurements: since the most distensible portion of the sheath is at the 3-4 mm distance from the vitreoretinal interface, measurements are performed at this level in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the nerve.
Sinusoids are distensible vascular channels bounded circumferentially by hepatocytes and lined with SEC.
The lower rate of compartment syndrome in the upper arm as compared to the forearm or leg has typically been attributed to the relatively thinner and more distensible brachial fascia [13].