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also dis·til  (dĭ-stĭl′)
v. dis·tilled, dis·till·ing, dis·tills also dis·tilled or dis·til·ling or dis·tils
1. To subject (a substance) to distillation.
2. To separate (a distillate) by distillation.
3. To increase the concentration of, separate, or purify by or as if by distillation.
4. To separate or extract the essential elements of: distill the crucial points of the book.
5. To exude or give off (matter) in drops or small quantities.
1. To undergo or be produced by distillation.
2. To fall or exude in drops or small quantities.

[Middle English distillen, from Old French distiller, from Latin distillāre, variant of dēstillāre, to trickle : dē-, de- + stillāre, to drip (from stilla, drop).]

dis·till′a·ble adj.
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adjdestilliert; spirits alsogebrannt; essence(heraus)destilliert; (fig) wisdomherausdestilliert
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adj destilado
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Some books also may be read by deputy, and extracts made of them by others; but that would be only in the less important arguments, and the meaner sort of books, else distilled books are like common distilled waters, flashy things.
famished upon the sifted meal and distilled water of a prudish purveyance.
They are cold, and seek warmth from distilled waters: they are inflamed, and seek coolness from frozen spirits; they are all sick and sore through public opinion.
Quite different from Lake Asphaltite, whose depression is twelve hundred feet below the sea, it contains considerable salt, and one quarter of the weight of its water is solid matter, its specific weight being 1,170, and, after being distilled, 1,000.
We have seen him, more successful under the name of Jacob than under that of Isaac, gain the friendship of Gryphus, which for several months he cultivated by means of the best Genievre ever distilled from the Texel to Antwerp, and he lulled the suspicion of the jealous turnkey by holding out to him the flattering prospect of his designing to marry Rosa.
But there are many other circumstances which evince that what I have alleged is the true cause of the motion of the blood: thus, in the first place, the difference that is observed between the blood which flows from the veins, and that from the arteries, can only arise from this, that being rarefied, and, as it were, distilled by passing through the heart, it is thinner, and more vivid, and warmer immediately after leaving the heart, in other words, when in the arteries, than it was a short time before passing into either, in other words, when it was in the veins; and if attention be given, it will be found that this difference is very marked only in the neighborhood of the heart; and is not so evident in parts more remote from it.
Persuasion distilled from his mildly-curling lips; and, shabby as he was, perennial flowers of courtesy bloomed all over him from head to foot.
Far different from their condition among many rude nations, where the women are made to perform all the work while their ungallant lords and masters lie buried in sloth, the gentle sex in the valley of Typee were exempt from toil, if toil it might be called that, even in the tropical climate, never distilled one drop of perspiration.
Meanwhile the right culinary vessel was selected, water was seemingly distilled, and after consultation and long delay passed out to the thirsty one -- not yet suffered to cool, not yet to settle.
The book design, in its distilled concept, addresses the core of issues and their responses with appropriate endnotes listed at the conclusion of each chapter.
Inspired again by Matisse, especially the paper cutouts, Wesselmann distilled his figurative paintings into sculptured metal reliefs that captured the overlapping jigsaw-puzzle shapes and rainbow colors that marked his signature style.
* Blanche d'armagnac (white spirit) is the distilled spirit with no aging.