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v. dis·tin·guished, dis·tin·guish·ing, dis·tin·guish·es
a. To perceive as being different or distinct: Can you distinguish a pattern in this behavior?
b. To perceive distinctly; discern: The lookout distinguished the masts of ships on the horizon.
a. To demonstrate or describe as being different or distinct: a scientist who distinguished four species of the plant.
b. To be an identifying characteristic of; make noticeable or different: These spices distinguish this style of Asian cooking.
3. To cause (oneself) to be respected or eminent: They have distinguished themselves as dedicated social workers.
To perceive or indicate differences; discriminate: Can the child distinguish between right and wrong?

[Alteration of obsolete distingue, from Middle English distinguen, from Old French distinguer, from Latin distinguere, to separate; see steig- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·tin′guish·a·ble adj.
dis·tin′guish·a·bly adv.
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Hong Kong Fever's accent, as his stage name suggests, is more distinguishably Cantonese.
The "iGO" possesses numerous unique features; it is a plug and play device that does not require a SIM card, presets or technical expertise, it is nomadic, hence can be used anywhere within coverage while maintaining the quality and consistency of performance, and most distinguishably, the possibility of a voice calls.
Sometimes innovations are sufficient to yield a distinguishably new payment method.
With all the technical alternatives, the question arises as to which differences the customer can perceive during the purchase decision process and leads to a consideration of whether tactile impressions can be perceived distinguishably and consistently.
piatensis (the myrmecophile) had distinguishably different survival values, but these categories were not discernible in the present study where we used groups of 10-40 ants.
In addition, when it was his turn to name his own children, he chose for them distinguishably Arabic names: Wadie and Najla.
The particles of pyrite and quartz are also located in the material distinguishably.
Additionally, the maximum discharge rate of the motor-neuron unit is distinguishably less than with the young.
Further, the PRRB determined that "the TCU serves a distinguishably different population than that served by Friel.
They have one advantage over DNA: the fine details of fingerprints are developmental characteristics, and even identical twins sharing the same DNA have distinguishably different fingerprints (as Galton in fact showed).
Each side was paired with either a pine or spruce scent and a distinguishably textured floor, each counterbalanced across sex and genotype.

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