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v. dis·tin·guished, dis·tin·guish·ing, dis·tin·guish·es
a. To perceive as being different or distinct: Can you distinguish a pattern in this behavior?
b. To perceive distinctly; discern: The lookout distinguished the masts of ships on the horizon.
a. To demonstrate or describe as being different or distinct: a scientist who distinguished four species of the plant.
b. To be an identifying characteristic of; make noticeable or different: These spices distinguish this style of Asian cooking.
3. To cause (oneself) to be respected or eminent: They have distinguished themselves as dedicated social workers.
To perceive or indicate differences; discriminate: Can the child distinguish between right and wrong?

[Alteration of obsolete distingue, from Middle English distinguen, from Old French distinguer, from Latin distinguere, to separate; see steig- in Indo-European roots.]

dis·tin′guish·a·ble adj.
dis·tin′guish·a·bly adv.
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Current portfolio consists of select-service, mid-scale, and full-service hotels distinguishably located in popular markets throughout California.
While many hotels in Tokyo work hard to provide a sense of relief from the frenetic pace of life in the world's biggest metropolis, the Ritz employs a distinguishably effortless approach.
More distinguishably, Mao's spy films shared the compelling paradox of absolutely de-sexualizing but heavily gendering the communist spies.
universal jurisdiction--namely, it feels directly and distinguishably
Furthermore, appointment to a Life Director position requires that the Director shall have distinguishably served as Chairman of the association.
His charge is to gain a larger geographically diverse customer base while delivering a unique and distinguishably customer buying experience.
In milieu of the current scenario, there is a single voice of superior patriotism and integration with Federation distinguishably intoned amongst the voices of otherwise.
It is amazing how he was able to touch upon grave issues in a style distinguishably his own, which made the tyranny of time and the challenges one faces, because of the body-and-soul tussle, sound readily relatable.
The differences observed in the pre-NLDAC period similarly arise in the post-NLDAC time period, with the exception that the nonparticipating centers in the post-NLDAC period also possessed a distinguishably higher percentage of males on their waiting list than participating centers.
In addition to whole measures of the trunk, the trunk dimension was further classified into chest and waist measures due to the distinguishably anatomic and physiological characteristics.
Apple's iPhone X iPhone X is distinguishably unique; the bottom button has been a distinctive part of the iPhone since the beginning is finally gone as the screen now stretches to cover the whole front of the phone and the camera has been moved to the middle.

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