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Noun1.distinguishing characteristic - an odd or unusual characteristic
characteristic, feature - a prominent attribute or aspect of something; "the map showed roads and other features"; "generosity is one of his best characteristics"
calling card - a distinguishing characteristic or behavior; "bombs are a terrorist's calling cards"
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I think that is their distinguishing characteristic. Yes, Mr.
The distinguishing characteristic of the Marquesan islanders, and that which at once strikes you, is the European cast of their features--a peculiarity seldom observable among other uncivilized people.
But crispness was no longer Marilla's distinguishing characteristic. As Mrs.
So much simplicity combined with so much force of character, such natural sagacity united to such amiability and gentleness--these are the distinguishing characteristics of both.'
The ghost, it appears,--with the pertinacity which was one of his distinguishing characteristics while alive,--insisted that he was the rightful proprietor of the site upon which the house stood.
Humanism was a distinguishing characteristic of his poetry.
Race/ethnicity also emerges as a distinguishing characteristic in breakfast usage and habits, with blacks and Hispanics championing the importance of breakfast.
Rem Zamora, a CPA-turned-award-winning photojournalist and head photo editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, says that a distinguishing characteristic of a good photographer is the ability to create and capture stories out of seemingly normal scenes.
He said another distinguishing characteristic of those who are elected to office in trade unions "is often straggly beards - halfway between designer stubble and a real beard, such growths are probably indicative of a hormone deficiency".
Citing the main distinguishing characteristic between cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals as the precise dose required for efficacy and safety, the authors look at ingredients, safety, dosage, and the creativity and diversity that is possible in cosmeceuticals and impossible in pharmaceuticals.
Paul was intimating that generosity to people who could not survive without help from their brothers and sisters was a distinguishing characteristic of early followers of Jesus (Acts 2:45; 1 John 3:17).
The distinguishing characteristic of the state is that it acts in compliance with laws and promises to stick to laws when doing anything.