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a. The act or an instance of distorting.
b. The condition of being distorted.
2. A statement that twists fact; a misrepresentation.
a. The alteration of the original form of a signal representing an image, a sound, a waveform, or other information.
b. A visible or audible effect of such an alteration, such as the warping of an image or noise in an audio recording.
4. Psychology The modification of unconscious impulses into forms acceptable by conscious or dreaming perception.

dis·tor′tion·al, dis·tor′tion·ar′y, dis·tor′tive adj.
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The model, based on the average head and facial feature measurements obtained from a selection of racially and ethnically diverse participants, determined the magnitude of the distortive effect by presenting the face as a collection of parallel planes perpendicular to the main camera axis.
2108) to temporarily eliminate out-of-date and distortive taxes on imported products not manufactured or available domestically.
This purpose, however, cannot help but have a distortive effect on the subtler, more fundamental differences between the two.
You probably have a distortive early life experience around sex as well.
What makes this moment unusual is that there really are policy choices in play that could have hugely distortive effects on those fundamentals: what happens to trade policy, taxes and health care in the United States; what terms Britain achieves in its exit from the European Union; even whether the EU as we know it survives.
Opening the meetings in Washington, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said that the IMF would press for "a fair and level playing field," adding that this meant "no use of distortive measures, no protectionist measures.
In certain cases, they can also be used as an anti-circumvention policy against the distortive domestic policies of other countries, such as dumping.
Second, we have persisted with a highly expensive, distortive and yet ultimately ineffective 'buy high, sell low' policy on rice-that is, buy high from farmers but sell low to poor consumers.
The biggest risk to our forecast is policy trajectory, particularly in terms of how the current government chooses to remove distortive capital controls.
Referring to World Press Freedom Day, the Cabinet has recalled with pride and admiration the crucial role played by the national press in enhancing the national work march, defending national issues, highlighting its milestone achievements and countering the systematic distortive media campaigns staged against the Kingdom.
Exemption is, in short, potentially as distortive to the overall functioning of the intermediation market as full taxation would be.