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also dis·trac·tor  (dĭ-străk′tər)
One of the incorrect answers presented as a choice in a multiple-choice test.
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If a distracter is not a plausible alternative and few or no students chose the alternative, or too many students, especially high scorers, chose the incorrect alternative instead of the correct response, then it does not help uncover any particular understanding or misunderstanding in the students' thought process.
If the student answers an item incorrectly, based on the distracter option the student chose, the system will present the individualized instruction prompts with different levels to the student, as shown in Figure 6.
Next, the participant's attention was called to an intertrial distracter task in the form of weather reports taken from screenshots generated from a weather site.
Some research has indicated marijuana is more of a pain (http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/marijuana-isnt-a-pain-killerits-a-pain-distracter-169786068/?no-ist) distracter than a pain reliever.
The most frequently applied intervention techniques were, in order of frequency: psychoeducation, arousal control techniques, cognitive restructuring techniques, techniques to control internal dialogue, exposure techniques, and distracter techniques.
The array consisted of three target names (i.e., the correct answer and two additional target names associated with other shapes) and two distracter names.
Another reason that might have guided the tribal people to take refuge in Afghanistan could be the realization that the ongoing political problems in Pakistan could be a huge distracter for the government to do anything substantial for the IDPs' rehabilitation.
Though a good thing to do, it is used here as a distracter from main issues that needed to be addressed," said Benjamin Kei Daniel.
"Sometimes it's just a distracter in the grocery store when you're trying to get through the line--we're all human.
And that there are reasons why people should not consider seriously Altaf HusseinA-A?A1/2s outlandish remarks and the mind bogglingly bizarre reasoning of his apologists who are none other than the second tier of leadership of his party: AltafA-A?A1/2s distracter might even say that when it comes to voting the MQM leader has so arranged his maths that even those who stay at home on voting day, have their votes counted not once but two times in MQMA-A?A1/2s favour but here he is doing the opposite dividing one province into two provinces and then making one out of it by calling the bisected portions as Sindh One and Sindh Two but counting them as one.