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Noun1.distress call - an internationally recognized signal sent out by a ship or plane indicating that help is neededdistress call - an internationally recognized signal sent out by a ship or plane indicating that help is needed
signal, signaling, sign - any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
SOS - an internationally recognized distress signal in radio code
Mayday - an internationally recognized distress signal via radiotelephone (from the French m'aider)
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DISTRESS CALL The enumerator did not have census gadgets at the time of the incident.
Baquba / NINA /- Al-Mayyah villages in Muqdadiya district of Diyala province launched a distress call to repeat ISIS attacks and mortar shelling on their villages.
A distress call was issued by the Stornoway coastguard search and rescue helicopter yesterday before the crew aboard were forced into an emergency landing at the town's airport.
'The team, consisting of one fire engine and an Emergency Medical Response Service (ERMS) vehicle were immediately dispatched to the scene after receiving a distress call from the public at 11.05am,' said the spokesman.
when the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) received a distress call.
A LIFEBOAT was launched after a distress call was made from the North Sea.
'We received a distress call from one Malam Abubakar Zakari at about 03:20 p.m.
Also, a Coast Guard team in Musandam rescued two Asian nationals from a boat after receiving a distress call. The boat had collided with a buoy near the entrance of Khasab Port on Monday.
The Search and Rescue Coordination Center in Jeddah, which belongs to the Saudi border guards, received a distress call reporting that a crew member was in an emergency condition.
"The robbers started firing at the officers who had responded to the distress call, prompting them to fire back," DCI said.
On Friday, the Coast Guard responded to "a distress call from two passing ships, and 26 persons of Asian nationality were rescued from the ships," NCCD reported.
Joseph Coyme, PCG-Southwestern district commander, said M/L Sabrina was found drifting in the vicinity of the island by PCG personnel who responded to a distress call from a cargo vessel.