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Causing or experiencing distress.

dis·tress′ful·ly adv.
dis·tress′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.distressfully - with distress; "`Doctor Rother says it's his only chance,' she added distressfully"
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They were afraid of my finding out the truth,' exclaimed Miss Mowcher, getting off the fender, and trotting up and down the kitchen with her two short arms distressfully lifted up, 'because I am a sharp little thing - I need be, to get through the world at all
You must excuse me, indeed you must excuse me," cried Fanny, growing more and more red from excessive agitation, and looking distressfully at Edmund, who was kindly observing her; but unwilling to exasperate his brother by interference, gave her only an encouraging smile.
But he persisted in his demand, and at last, to get rid of him, she did put up her lips as directed for producing a clear note; laughing distressfully, however, and then blushing with vexation that she had laughed.
George, who has turned quite white and looks distressfully at the grey cloak and straw bonnet.
Farebrother, seeing her small sister moving about the furniture-legs distressfully, "what is the matter?