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n. pl. dis·trib·u·tar·ies
A branch of a river that flows away from the main stream.


(dɪˈstrɪbjʊtərɪ; -trɪ)
n, pl -taries
(Physical Geography) one of several outlet streams draining a river, esp on a delta


(dɪˈstrɪb yʊˌtɛr i)

n., pl. -tar•ies.
an outflowing branch of a stream or river, typically found in a delta.
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Noun1.distributary - a branch of a river that flows away from the main stream and does not rejoin it
branch - a stream or river connected to a larger one
confluent, tributary, affluent, feeder - a branch that flows into the main stream


n (Geog) → Nebenarm m, → Flussarm meines Deltas
adjVerteiler-; distributary networkVerteilernetz nt
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He said he along with neighbouring landowners of the petitioner reached tail-end of Ahmed Rajo distributary and found half foot water in distributaries of Jhol branch and Guni canal and that could be used for animals alone.
Tenders are invited for o&m repairs - removal of weed to east side channel from km 43.875 to km 58.710, east side channel extension and its distributaries, west side channel from km 43.875 to km 59.284, west side channel extension and its distributaries, nizampatnam canal from km 43.875 to km 66.185, parallel channel, pedapalli main channel and its distributaries
MIRPURKHAS -- The irrigation department is measuring the quantity of water for miners, distributaries, and canals.
For this purpose, Jhang Branch Canal and all its distributaries would remain closed from December 27, 2018 to January 12, 2019, whereas, Rakh Branch Canal, Borala Branch Canal, Mian Ali Branch Canal, Upper Gogera Branch Canal, Lower Gogera Branch Canal and their all distributaries will be closed from January 13 to 30, 2019, he added.
KARACHI -- Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazul-ur-Rehman has decided to deploy Pakistan Rangers at different canals, distributaries and channels to stop water theft so that water could be provided at the tail-end.
KARACHI:Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Fazulur Rehman directed on Thursday to deploy Pakistan Rangers at different canals, distributaries and channels to stop the theft of water so that it could be provided at the tail-end.
He said that Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project (LBDCIP) would cover the rehabilitation of Balloki Barrage complex and rehabilitation / modernization of Lower Bari Doab Canal and its distributaries as well as minor canals.
But the problem is that we don't have distributaries system and because of that people are facing many problems but now we are working on this project and we are setting up 14 overhead tanks, distributaries system with the help of this we are trying to rectify the water shortage problem, "said Prakash Pant, Water Resource Minister, Uttarakhand.
They also need to pay sufficient money to the AWBs for optimal O&M of the main system that transports water to the distributaries. The financial liabilities of the FOs are expected to be higher than the current water charges being paid by the farmers, considering the full funding of the recurrent O&M as the target to be achieved.
Sources said desilting was not done in canals and distributaries and it was seventh breach in the last two months.
MIRPURKHAS -- Hundreds of abadgars of sub division Khairpur Gambo held demonstration on Monday at Fraho Regulator near Jhuddo town to protest against not supply of irrigation water in about 17 distributaries and minors for last some months.

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