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Noun1.distribution cost - any cost incurred by a producer or wholesaler or retailer or distributor (as for advertising and shipping etc)
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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For 1HCY19, 19% YoY higher earnings is attributable to (i) 16% YoY higher topline, courtesy higher retention price (Urea/CAN/NP offtake witnessed -16/-2/+11% growth), (ii) 24% YoY lower selling and distribution cost, and (iii) 93% YoY higher 'other income'.
In an effort to enhance power supply, connect more customers, the transmission and distribution cost increased by 37.3 per cent to Sh21.7 billion from Sh15.8 billion recorded during the period ended December 31, 2017.
The distribution cost surged to Rs382.07 million in Jul-Sept 2018 compared to Rs266.15 million last year.
However, since all the expenses grew, including distribution cost which went up from Rs3.5 billion to Rs4.2 billion year-on-year (YoY), profits before taxation dropped by 11 per cent.
The DTI had previously tried to disprove this, noting that the increase due to the fuel tax would only affect the distribution cost, an effect so small that manufacturers should just absorb it.
The net income of the company has witnessed a rise due to a surge in the net sales and a decrease in the distribution cost and finance cost during the period of October-December of 2012.
This measure has been necessitated by the continued increase in raw-material and distribution cost. The price adjustment enables Wacker Polymers to continue providing customers a wide-range of innovative quality products and comprehensive technical, sales and customer support services.
ISLAMABAD, May 11 -- Capital cost of 1,000 megawatts (MW) power generation worth Rs $1.5 billion and around $500 million in state of transmission and distribution cost can be saved with implementation of National Energy Conservation Plan (NECP) across the country.
Capital Costs are the largest distribution cost and the second largest expense cooperatives have after power costs.
As a result, the three companies have decided that integrating their LPG operations could enhance their wholesale functions and optimize their sales structures (reduce distribution cost, reinforce security measures and so on).
We observe from our own studies, for example, that companies selling $4 billion or more of annuities enjoy a 35 to 70 basis point distribution cost advantage over smaller competitors--which may translate into a 1% to 2% improvement in return on equity.
Dunn averred that taxpayers are incurring significant costs for consulting fees in respect of allocation studies to expand the scope of the distribution cost exception beyond what Treasury viewed as its proper scope.

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