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1. The process of distributing or the condition of being distributed, especially:
a. The process of marketing and supplying goods, especially to retailers.
b. Law The transmission of inherited property to its heirs after taxes, debts, and costs of the estate have been paid.
2. Something distributed; an allotment: distributions from a retirement account.
3. A spatial or temporal array of objects or events, especially:
a. The geographic occurrence or range of an organism.
b. The geographic occurrence or range of a custom, usage, or other feature.
4. Statistics A characterization of the occurrence of the actual unique values in a set of data (as in a frequency distribution) or of the theoretical unique values of a random variable (as in a probability distribution).
5. Mathematics A generalized function used in the study of partial differential equations.

dis′tri·bu′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.distributional - of or relating to spatial distribution; "distributional requirements"
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[ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃənəl] ADJdistribucional
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When advocating policies that result in aggregate welfare gains, economists often fail to give enough consideration to their likely distributional impact.
By distributional channel, the retinal biologics market has been segmented into institutional sales, which has further been sub-segmented into specialty clinics and hospitals and retail sales, which has further been sub-segmented into retail pharmacies and mail order pharmacies.
Vice Chairman Clarida is invited to speak (Tuesday) at a conference on "Fed Listens: Distributional Consequences of the Cycle and Monetary Policy" from 18:45 ET.
Lawrence Susskind and Jeffrey Cruickshank in their lecture series on the Program on Negotiation at Harvard, MIT, and Tuffs universities, classified disputes in two categories: Distributional and Constitutional; they differ markedly on antecedents and definitions.
Hanson, "Distributional Consequences of Trade and Technology"
Intended for graduate students and researchers, the collection explores the limit shape of a growth model, the question of fluctuations, the structure of optimizing paths, and the distributional properties of Busemann functions.
Was the conflict merely about a minority ethnic drive at securing provincial advantages in distributional matters, or the legitimate actions of a local community aimed at preserving its environment and livelihood?
To answer this question, we need "distributional national accounts" that track how growth is allocated among different segments of the population.
The six here collected species are mentioned along with their local distributional notes, remarks and diagnostic characters.
Policymakers' task is to ensure that the disadvantaged also have opportunities to succeed in the modern economy, by designing all reforms and other measures with an eye to their distributional effects.
He said allocations for Public Sector Development Programme have been enhanced to improve distributional mechanism which coverage of Prime Minister Health Insurance Scheme is being extended throughout Pakistan for health services.

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