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a. Of, relating to, or involving distribution.
b. Serving to distribute.
2. Mathematics Of or relating to a property involving two binary operations, usually multiplication and addition, in which the product of an element with a sum of terms is equal to the sum of the individual products of that element with each term. That is, if a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c, then the operation indicated by × is distributive over the operation indicated by +.
3. Grammar Referring to each individual or entity of a group separately rather than collectively, as every in the sentence Every employee attended the meeting.
A distributive word or term.

dis·trib′u·tive·ly adv.
dis·trib′u·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.distributively - as individuals or as separate units (not collectively); "taken distributively, their rights are imperceptible"
2.distributively - in a distributive manner; "marine vertebrates have their weight supported distributively by the water"
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But those who have their wives and children in common will not say so, but all will say so, though not as individuals; therefore, to use the word all is evidently a fallacious mode of speech; for this word is sometimes used distributively, and sometimes collectively, on account of its double meaning, and is the cause of inconclusive syllogisms in reasoning.
Thus, distributively concerned courts are free to pursue equity or promote ex ante efficiency without sacrificing their natural desire to see that the entitlement ends up in the hands of the highest valuing user (the ex post allocative efficiency concern).
This consists of an arrangement of kneading blocks to first distributively mix these ingredients into the polymer, then disperse them to their finite particle size, fully wetting out the surfaces for maximum effect.
In the social mobile network, users reassign their tasks distributively. We should take all users into consideration as Figure 11(a).
Naturally, this does not suggest that presuppositions and language generally cannot be reflected on; even if tacitness were in some sense a requirement of cognition, this would not imply that all presuppositions cannot be brought to awareness distributively. That is, even if presuppositions permitted cognition precisely by being unreflected, this would not imply that any given presupposition cannot be brought to awareness after having performed this function.
But because there are so many harms and benefits from which to choose, what in fact counts as a redistribution, as opposed to a distributively neutral package of offsetting harms and benefits, is, at least in theory, entirely up for grabs.
It is hard to imagine a more distributively perverse result.
On the other hand, in our work, we try to derive a closed-form solution (though may not be optimal) and design our algorithm in a heuristic way; thus, it can be distributively implemented in wireless sensor networks.
(42) Veeck is also distributively unjust because it imposes governance costs on particular individuals when those costs should, in fairness, be borne by the public.
The second and third chapters contain a treatment of creation as "doubly universal production" in the sense that it is distributively universal, insofar as God is the cause of all being, and it is intrinsically universal in the sense that it presupposes nothing.
Such confiscation of public organizations' resources, like confiscation of private organizations' property, is distributively unjust and economically inefficient: it forces public organizations (and the coalitions of voters that control them) to bear the costs of federal programs serving needs that state and local governments do not create, and it erodes the value of state and local political involvement to voters and politicians, reducing their incentive to vote, run for office, or otherwise engage in state or local political activity.
Since related node lists are distributively generated in all nodes, the workloads of the gateway are greatly reduced.