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a. Of, relating to, or involving distribution.
b. Serving to distribute.
2. Mathematics Of or relating to a property involving two binary operations, usually multiplication and addition, in which the product of an element with a sum of terms is equal to the sum of the individual products of that element with each term. That is, if a × (b + c) = a × b + a × c, then the operation indicated by × is distributive over the operation indicated by +.
3. Grammar Referring to each individual or entity of a group separately rather than collectively, as every in the sentence Every employee attended the meeting.
A distributive word or term.

dis·trib′u·tive·ly adv.
dis·trib′u·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.distributively - as individuals or as separate units (not collectively); "taken distributively, their rights are imperceptible"
2.distributively - in a distributive manner; "marine vertebrates have their weight supported distributively by the water"
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But those who have their wives and children in common will not say so, but all will say so, though not as individuals; therefore, to use the word all is evidently a fallacious mode of speech; for this word is sometimes used distributively, and sometimes collectively, on account of its double meaning, and is the cause of inconclusive syllogisms in reasoning.
Consequently, traffic monitoring often needs to be done distributively with sensors and traffic analysis modules placed at different strategic locations, in charge of monitoring and analyzing the traffic of a specific sub-network.
The fact that it was approached in the right way might turn out, for example, to be one of the factors contributing to making a certain allocation count as correctively or distributively just.
A second way of reconstructing the semantics to accommodate the speaker's information is to formulate truth at a point of evaluation in terms of what is known distributively by the speaker at the context of utterance and by the assessor at the context of assessment:
The public benefits from distributively just sentencing because it promotes confidence in the system.
437, 443 (2015) (reasoning that plea bargaining contracts are distributively unfair because there is insufficient consideration of equity in pricing, equality in treatment, or special allowance for the disadvantaged).
Technically, the fundamental discriminator of current multiagent planners is whether they can work distributively on multiple interconnected physical machines or not.
77) Moreover, the reason such conduct is distributively unjust is that (1) it rewards the perpetrator for conduct that is economically inefficient and has no other redeeming consequence and (2) it imposes losses on the perpetrator's customers (in case of predation, on the targets of the perpetrator) for no good reason at all.
Exercises of market power have complex, crosscutting effects, some of which may be regressive, but many of which may also be progressive or distributively neutral.
Implicit in this idealized picture is the view of the private market as an inherently democratic and distributively just form of value determination.
Questions also arose as to whether the bailout could or should be structured to be distributively fair.
It should be noted that DCPC algorithm distributively and iteratively searches for the power level which is updated from the [zeta] th iteration to the ([zeta] + 1)th iteration based on the current SIR.