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Noun1.district line - the boundary between two districtsdistrict line - the boundary between two districts  
boundary, bounds, bound - the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something
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TV host Rylan Clark-Neal added: "Try the pornstar martini next time, it's lovely, really compliments the District line."
Within seconds he was grappling on the floor of a District Line train with globules of gob all down his new M&S suit.
Some 93 passengers ducked for cover and scrambled to get off the District Line train after a wall of flames engulfed their carriage during the rush hour on September 15 last year.
There were 93 commuters on board when the District Line carriage turned into a "furnace engulfed in flames", leaving many with serious burns or crushed in the stampede.
Alain Lesjongard, 55, was seriously injured when the District Line train ran over him at Bayswater on November 2.
Ahmed Hassan, 18, of Sunbury, Surrey, was charged with attempting to murder persons travelling on a District Line Train from Wimbledon on September 15, contrary to section 1(1) Criminal Attempts Act 1981, and with maliciously causing by triacetone triperoxide (TATP) or other explosive substance and explosion of a nature likely to endanger life or to cause serious injury to property, contrary to section 2 Explosive Substances Act 1883.
Ahmed Hassan, 18, has been charged over the attack on a packed District Line Tube train in London.
Thirty people were injured last Friday when a bomb partially exploded on a rush-hour District line train.
The Metropolitan police also charged Ahmed Hassan, 18, of Sunbury, Surrey, southern England, with explosive offences in relation to the attack on a District Line train.
We are looking forward towards the policy practical implementation for securing HBWs rights with collaborative support of district action committees and district line department at provincial and as well as at district level.

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