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Feeling or showing doubt.

dis·trust′ful·ly adv.
dis·trust′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.distrustfully - with distrustdistrustfully - with distrust; "she looked at him distrustfully"
confidingly, trustfully, trustingly - with trust; in a trusting manner; "she looked at her father trustingly"
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بارْتِياب، بِعَدَم ثِقَه
s nedůvěrou
meî tortryggni
s nedôverou


[dɪsˈtrʌstfəlɪ] advcon diffidenza
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(disˈtrast) noun
suspicion; lack of trust or faith. He has always had a distrust of electrical gadgets.
to have no trust in. He distrusts his own judgement.
disˈtrustful adjective
disˈtrustfully adverb
disˈtrustfulness noun
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References in classic literature ?
Ishmael Pickup." The little old gentleman stared at me distrustfully. I bowed to him with that inexorable politeness which I first learned under the instructive fist of Gentleman Jones, and which no force of adverse circumstances has ever availed to mitigate in after life.
He's left her alone in a hard world.' She glanced distrustfully at Ambrosch, who was now eating his breakfast at the kitchen table.
The guard, the coachman, and the two other passengers eyed him distrustfully.
He was gobbling mincemeat, meatbone, bread, cheese, and pork pie, all at once: staring distrustfully while he did so at the mist all round us, and often stopping - even stopping his jaws - to listen.
James are one and the same person?' she asked distrustfully. 'Why was I not told of it last night?'
"Can you wash dishes right?" asked Marilla distrustfully.
Troy suddenly stood still, and eyed his companion a little distrustfully.
Clara stopped at the doorway, looking backward and forward distrustfully between the husband and wife.
Let them come in, if they are rash enough to trust themselves here with you." He checked himself on the point of going out, and looked back distrustfully at the lighted candle.
I trace these lines, self- distrustfully, with the shadows of after-events darkening the very paper I write on; and still I say, what could I do?
Mr Wegg having looked distrustfully at his own limb, and suspiciously at the pattern with which it has been compared, makes the point:
The three looked at me, but not distrustfully; I felt there was no suspicion in their glances: there was more of curiosity.