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(Elements & Compounds) a chemical compound containing two sulfate ions


(daɪˈsʌl feɪt)

a salt of pyrosulfuric acid.
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Also, apart from copper, the tailings include the following chemicals: sodium cyanide, sulfuric acid, sodium sulfide, potassium ethyl/amyl xanthane, sodium ethyl/isopropyl xanthane, carbon disulfate, pine oil, and trichloroethylene (16).
71 g) from ammonium peroxy disulfate that dissolved in (50 ml) of distilled water in the Container of electrochemical cell at room temperature and the doped sample was prepared in the same way but both of aniline hydrochloride and ammonium peroxy disulfate was dissolved in (1 M) of [H.
Choices among primary (non-rechargeable) lithium chemistries include: iron disulfate (LiFeS2); lithium manganese dioxide (LiMN02); lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCL2); and lithium metal oxide chemistry.