ditch digger

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Noun1.ditch digger - a laborer who digs ditchesditch digger - a laborer who digs ditches    
digger - a laborer who digs
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Valerie's partner Alun Lewis, a selfmade construction manager and son of a ditch digger, has a plan to save the estate by taking advantage of Margaret Thatcher's Right to Buy scheme.
we you be able to speak ditch digger toilet cleaner, cab driver are you
I grew up on a farm, and although my parents' mantra--"You can be a ditch digger, as long as you're the best ditch digger you can be"-=made it seem like we could do just about anything, the leap from "acceptable" to "respectable" work was a categorical one.
But when his mother became ill, he dropped out of college, Alcorn State University, and worked as a ditch digger and bouncer to support her.
The Police frontman was a teacher, football coach and ditch digger before he turned to music.
The world could always use another ditch digger," Dad would have told me.
Actor Robin Williams was a mime (Well, as they say, mime is money)and Marlon Brando was a ditch digger before striking it rich in Hollywood.
Harrison began life in an orphanage, worked as a ditch digger, and then married into one of the most prominent media families in the country.
If that means doing your best as a ditch digger or doing your best as a doctor, it makes no difference.
Before finding fame with The Police in 1977, he also worked as a ditch digger and as a civil servant.