ditch digger

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Noun1.ditch digger - a laborer who digs ditchesditch digger - a laborer who digs ditches    
digger - a laborer who digs
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A mother brought in her son, distraught because the school said being a ditch digger was the best he could hope to become.
Who wants to be a ditch digger or road builder or construction worker, after all?
Valerie's partner Alun Lewis, a selfmade construction manager and son of a ditch digger, has a plan to save the estate by taking advantage of Margaret Thatcher's Right to Buy scheme.
we you be able to speak ditch digger toilet cleaner, cab driver are you
I grew up on a farm, and although my parents' mantra--"You can be a ditch digger, as long as you're the best ditch digger you can be"-=made it seem like we could do just about anything, the leap from "acceptable" to "respectable" work was a categorical one.
But when his mother became ill, he dropped out of college, Alcorn State University, and worked as a ditch digger and bouncer to support her.
I have to tell Virginia that the scene in Ring of Bright Water where the otter, Mij, is killed by a ditch digger's spade left me traumatised as a child.
The Police frontman was a teacher, football coach and ditch digger before he turned to music.
Like water witches or pirates or ditch digger's revenge.
"The world could always use another ditch digger," Dad would have told me.
He was the recipient of the New Berlin Citizen of the Year award, National Utility Contractor's "Ditch Digger of the Year" and, most recently, the Distribution Contractor's Association "Lifetime Achievement Award".
When I was lying in a hospital bed with my fresh SCI, a friend half-joked that "ditch digger" was out as a job; I would have to work with my brain instead of my back.