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Any of various unsaturated hydrocarbons, C10H16, found in essential oils and oleoresins of plants such as conifers and used in organic syntheses.

[Obsolete terp(entine), variant of turpentine + -ene.]

ter·pe′nic adj.
ter′pe·noid′ adj. & n.
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(Elements & Compounds) any one of a class of unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as the carotenes, that are found in the essential oils of many plants. Their molecules contain isoprene units and have the general formula (C5H8)n
[C19: terp- from obsolete terpentine turpentine + -ene]
terˈpenic adj
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(ˈtɜr pin)

1. any of a class of monocyclic hydrocarbons of the formula C10H16, obtained from plants.
2. any of the oxygenated derivatives of this class.
[1870–75; terp(entine), earlier sp. of turpentine + -ene]
ter•pe′nic, adj.
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Noun1.terpene - an unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants
hydrocarbon - an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
limonene - a liquid terpene with a lemon odor; found in lemons and oranges and other essential oils
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The assay showed 26 diterpene skeletons as major components and, based on the literature, it was possible to suggest 17 structures.
Colophony consists of diterpene monocarboxylic acids, the main one being abietic acid [2,3,4].
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It includes multipurpose herbal ingredients like bioactive labdane diterpene which comes from the roots of Plecktranthus Barbatus plant .It is an important plant in the world , especially in the Indian ayurvedic medicine and showing many benefits like anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory with diverse pharmalogical benefits.
Moreover, diterpene glycosides virescenoside A and a sum of diterpene glycoside isolated from the marine fungus Acremonium striatisporum MKK 4401 on buckwheat varieties Izumrud and Pri 10 showed effect on the growth of sprout root, yield and seed quality (Klykov et al., 2013).
In the article titled "Ginkgolide C Suppresses Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes via the AMPK Signaling Pathway" [1] the statement "Ginkgolide C, isolated from Ginkgo biloba leaves, is a flavone reported to have multiple biological functions, from decreased platelet aggregation to ameliorating Alzheimer disease" in the Abstract section should be changed to "Ginkgolide C, isolated from Ginkgo biloba leaves, is a diterpene lactone derivative reported to have multiple biological functions, from decreased platelet aggregation to ameliorating Alzheimer disease."
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