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Such are Dithyrambic and Nomic poetry, and also Tragedy and Comedy; but between them the difference is, that in the first two cases these means are all employed in combination, in the latter, now one means is employed, now another.
Now, that the dithyrambic measure is Phrygian is allowed by general consent; and those who are conversant in studies of this sort bring many proofs of it; as, for instance, when Philoxenus endeavoured to compose dithyrambic music for Doric harmony, he naturally fell back again into Phrygian, as being fittest for that purpose; as every one indeed agrees, that the Doric music is most serious, and fittest to inspire courage: and, as we always commend the middle as being between the two extremes, and the Doric has this relation with respect to other harmonies, it is evident that is what the youth ought to be instructed in.
said the former inhabitant of the Canary Isles, continuing his dithyrambic.
During the month of August 1881 my brother resolved to reveal the teaching of the Eternal Recurrence, in dithyrambic and psalmodic form, through the mouth of Zarathustra.
After the politicians, I went to the poets; tragic, dithyrambic, and all sorts.
I mean a girl of our civilization which has established a dithyrambic phraseology for the expression of love.
Aristotle once said: "Epic poetry and Tragedy, as also Comedy, Dithyrambic poetry, and most flute-playing and lyre-playing, are all, viewed as a whole, modes of imitation" (Politica 1447a).
43) Contaron con musica de Aaron Copland las siguientes coreografias: Lull (1929), de Helen Tamiris; Sentimental Dance (1930), Olympus Americanus (1931), Dithyrambic (1931) y Appalachian Spring (1943-1944), de Martha Graham; Hear Ye
At a time when information about Soviet Russia vacillated between dithyrambic eulogies and the most alarmist denunciations--fake news is nothing new--Dan's partisan but sober account made this memoir stand out.
Perhaps the most sustained example of Lupertz's dithyrambic method is Men without Women (Parsifal) from the 1990s, a huge series of faces assembled from the sparest of pictorial elements--blocks of colour or networks of lines (Fig.
landscapes of dithyrambic lands" where palm-trees grow alongside