dittany of crete

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Noun1.dittany of crete - dwarf aromatic shrub of Crete
genus Origanum - a genus of aromatic mints of the family Labiatae
origanum - any of various fragrant aromatic herbs of the genus Origanum used as seasonings
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Dittany is sometimes confused with a member of the oregano family, Dittany of Crete: (Origanum dictamnus), a small hairy plant that thrives in the barren soil of the mountainous region of the island and was used to heal wounds caused by poisoned arrowheads.
Fifty-year-old bonsai trees--pine, maple, and hawthorn--dot the small (24-foot-wide by 28-foot-long) garden; below them grow are low-growing shrubs and ground covers, such as azaleas, dittany of Crete, ferns, and junipers.
It is quite different from Dittany of Crete. The gas plant is a hardy perennial, an excellent choice for a perennial border and nowadays not considered to be a herb at all.