diurnal variation

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Noun1.diurnal variation - fluctuations that occur during each daydiurnal variation - fluctuations that occur during each day
variation, fluctuation - an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change
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Samples were taken at morning time at 9am-10am to avoid diurnal variation. Total leucocyte count was made under Improved Neubauer's chamber using Turk's fluid which was examined under compound microscope and their undiluted blood is calculated.
While, in January to April and September to December, the cyclical behavior of wind speed for timescale less than one month becomes strong and moreover, coefficients at high frequencies (greater than 30) are found to be relatively high in some of the cold months like January and February so daily wind speed in these months tend to exhibit multiple rises and falls besides the diurnal variation. In this way, the wind speed is "clustered" into two seasons in Austin.
ACTH level is normal or high in blood in this syndrome and cortisol level is low or showing diurnal variation.10,11 Allgrove syndrome was also called as 4A syndrome by Gazzarian et al because of association with autonomic and neurologic association.12 These autonomic and neurologic abnormalities include dysartharia, dysphagia, deafness, mild mental retardation, postural dizziness, muscle weakness, optic atrophy, cerebellar ataxia etc.5
Biological variation studies allow a systematic assessment of random diurnal variation of biomarkers.
The objective of this study was to investigate the diurnal variation of C[H.sub.4] emission in a flooded-irrigated rice system in specific days of different plant development stages, under tropical climate, and three growth seasons in order to determine the appropriate time period for gas sampling in that region.
However, that study did not involve the diurnal variation of visual quality.
The country's vineyards are on average 600m above sea level meaning they enjoy hot days and cool nights (a phenomenon known as diurnal variation) meaning you've grapes that develop decent acidity along with good ripeness during a prolonged growing season.
Influence of gender on the diurnal variation of urine production and micturition characteristics of rats.
The diurnal variation of radon and wall and floor exhalation was also studied by using active measurement techniques.
The objectives of this research are as follows: to study the characteristics and differences of diurnal variation in energy flux partitioning at different phenological phases in a desert riparian P.
Normal sleep and atypical sleep groups were plotted as the proportions of sleep (normal sleep + atypical sleep + wake + undefined = 100%) over the 24-hour period together with melatonin to visualize diurnal variation of sleep and melatonin.