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 (dī-văr′ĭ-kāt′, dĭ-)
intr.v. di·var·i·cat·ed, di·var·i·cat·ing, di·var·i·cates
To diverge at a wide angle; spread apart.
adj. (dī-văr′ə-kĭt, -kāt′, dĭ-)
1. Biology Branching or spreading widely from a point or axis, as the branches of a tree or shrub; diverging.
2. Relating to a separation of two bones normally adjacent or attached but not located in a joint; distatic.

[Latin dīvāricāre, dīvāricāt- : dī, dis-, dis- + vāricāre, to straddle (from vārus, bent).]

di·var′i·cate′ly adv.
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Stems 10-45 cm, erect, striate, often simple, glabrous below, strigillose above, simple or divaricately branched above.
Stems 1.5-4.5 dm, erect, usually divaricately branched above, strigillose with retrorse or rarely spreading trichomes.
Shrubs with stems either erect and simple or divaricately branched.