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tr.v. dive-bombed, dive-bomb·ing, dive-bombs
To bomb from an airplane at the end of a steep dive toward the target.

dive′-bomb′er n.


[ˈdaɪvˌbɒməʳ] Nbombardero m en picado
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That was the destination for dive-bomber pilots studying mission details on April 25, 1943 (above).
4) The Ju87 (Stuka) dive-bomber and, refigured later, "tank buster.
Navy thereafter drained fuel systems after usage and filled the lines with C02, Yorktown was spared the ravages of a runaway fire when it absorbed a major Japanese dive-bomber assault.
In the dawn sky, a lone Japanese D4Y3 Suisei (Comet) dive-bomber acquired a target--the USS Franklin CV-13, an Essex-class carrier.
The USS Franklin served the American Navy proudly during World War II, earning the moniker of "The Ship That Wouldn't Die"; but in March of 1945, an enemy dive-bomber attack started a chain reaction as the USS Franklin's own bombs began to tear the ship apart with explosions.
Kelly was again damaged in collision with the destroyer Khurkha while escorting a convoy during a snowstorm - this time repaired at the London Gracing docks - after which she was dispatched to Norway and helped evacuate hundreds of French Alpine troops from Namsos and was subjected to a series of Stuka dive-bomber attacks.
Klas Gjoelmesli, leader of the volunteer project, said the Blackburn Skua will be the only complete example of the dive-bomber in the world after it is restored.
The Junkers Ju87 Stuka dive-bomber had enjoyed a fearsome reputation as the spearhead of the Blitzkrieg, with its steep dive, screamer switched on, and a high degree of bombing accuracy.
Giant mosquitos and dive-bomber bats cause havoc in the kitchen.
He and his friend see it as a kind of earthly paradise: "We could see the top half of the Ferris wheel, its swings being thrown up out of the treetops, cresting over and then plunging back into the leafy froth, the dive-bomber flopping over and over like a pair of dolphins breaching in a rolling green sea.
From the book Never Call Me a Hero: A Legendary American Dive-Bomber Pilot Remembers the Battle of Midway by N.
The Vultee Vengeance only saw dive-bomber service with the RAF and IAF in Burma and the RAAF in the Pacific.