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tr.v. dive-bombed, dive-bomb·ing, dive-bombs
To bomb from an airplane at the end of a steep dive toward the target.

dive′-bomb′er n.
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[ˈdaɪvˌbɒməʳ] Nbombardero m en picado
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The tactical orders for Takahashi's dive-bomber crews directed them to fire their machine guns as soon as they released their bombs so as to "thoroughly destroy the enemy and maximize damage." Then they were to clear the area to "avoid being a hindrance" to the fighters.
Number 106 in the successful Naval Fighters series, this new book is one of a few dedicated to Vought's SB2U dive-bomber that saw very little combat but flew under at least three colors--U.S., French and British.
During the Battle of the Coral Sea, Swede flew an SBD Dauntless dive-bomber and helped sink Shoho, the first aircraft carrier lost by Japan in World War II.
(4) The Ju87 (Stuka) dive-bomber and, refigured later, "tank buster." (5) The Pioneer Platoon.
got hit by a dive-bomber. ere was a massive explosion, knocking out a gun placement and killing two rAF o'cers and three Naval ratings, who were then buried at sea."
In the dawn sky, a lone Japanese D4Y3 Suisei (Comet) dive-bomber acquired a target--the USS Franklin CV-13, an Essex-class carrier.
"Kelly was again damaged in collision with the destroyer Khurkha while escorting a convoy during a snowstorm - this time repaired at the London Gracing docks - after which she was dispatched to Norway and helped evacuate hundreds of French Alpine troops from Namsos and was subjected to a series of Stuka dive-bomber attacks.
Klas Gjoelmesli, leader of the volunteer project, said the Blackburn Skua will be the only complete example of the dive-bomber in the world after it is restored.
The Junkers Ju87 Stuka dive-bomber had enjoyed a fearsome reputation as the spearhead of the Blitzkrieg, with its steep dive, screamer switched on, and a high degree of bombing accuracy.
Giant mosquitos and dive-bomber bats cause havoc in the kitchen.
He and his friend see it as a kind of earthly paradise: "We could see the top half of the Ferris wheel, its swings being thrown up out of the treetops, cresting over and then plunging back into the leafy froth, the dive-bomber flopping over and over like a pair of dolphins breaching in a rolling green sea.
That was the destination for dive-bomber pilots studying mission details on April 25, 1943 (above).