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tr.v. dive-bombed, dive-bomb·ing, dive-bombs
To bomb from an airplane at the end of a steep dive toward the target.

dive′-bomb′er n.
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Noun1.dive-bombing - a bombing run in which the bomber releases the bomb while flying straight toward the target
bombing run - that part of the flight that begins with the approach to the target; includes target acquisition and ends with the release of the bombs
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[ˈdaɪvˌbɒmɪŋ] Nbombardeo m en picado
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Among the real-life challenges tackled, parried and faced up to in these earnest, dazed and dive-bombing (Freakazoid), jagged and self-confronting (Strawman) songs are parental bereavement and, that old standby of bands getting to grips with their career long-term - rehab and recovery.
The gulls have caused alarm in some parts of the town by dive-bombing residents for food and interrupting their sleep with squawking.
A COUPLE'S peregrine falcon has gone missing after it was frightened by 'dive-bombing' crows during a training flight.
The stressed mother bird was swooping and dive-bombing us.
Known as the Sweetheart of the Fighting Fronts, she once reportedly flew in a US Army Air Corps P-38 Lightning fighter only to get an unexpected front-row seat to a dive-bombing when the pilot targeted a Japanese ship.
We reported last week how a postman refused to deliver mail to a home at Cae Mur on the town's Maesincla estate because he was scared of the birds which were "dive-bombing" around the property.
(Yes, I know wild garlic is native to central Asia, but it always makes me think things French.) Whatever, perhaps I should take David Cameron's advice and carry a combat helmet and gas mask to repel these aggressors determined to wage World War Three with their dive-bombing Junkers if we don't do as we're told and get back in our box.
After 257 days of storms, intense heat, sea sickness, attacks by flying fish and dive-bombing birds, they berthed at Cairns, Australia.
Olivia Taylor Dudley plays Angela, a birthday girl whose sliced finger becomes a magnet for dive-bombing ravens.
"Wouldn't you do the same if you had mouths to feed and there were no other ways to find food?" "In a warning shot to the council, she said the birds would be upping dive-bombing and aerial assaults across the capital"
In August 1951, two wellrespected English ladies holidaying at a boarding house near to Dieppe beach were awakened one morning by the sounds of planes dive-bombing, whistling shells, explosions and gunfire, even though the beach was deserted at the time.
Called G2, the mystery object was discovered in 2011 dive-bombing toward the black hole.