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Noun1.divergent thinker - a thinker who moves away from the problem as stated and often has novel ideas and solutions
thinker - someone who exercises the mind (usually in an effort to reach a decision)
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Gordon is best when she shows Merton as a divergent thinker who felt compelled to share his thoughts on everything from social justice, war and nuclear weapons to the contemporary Catholic Church's lack of aesthetic taste.
That person, perhaps, is a divergent thinker. Divergent thinking is the cognitive process of generating alternative ideas or possible solutions to problems (Wang, Hao, Ku, Grabner, & Fink, 2017).
If you're a divergent thinker, you may want to work on observing the world around you and allowing yourself to be inspired by what you find.
I have received so many incredible works via this lesson and have found that by not limiting their materials, they are free to be the creative and divergent thinkers we aspire for them to be.
Throughout American history, Sitaraman demonstrates a common thread that connected the Jacksonians, the Republicans during Reconstruction, the populists, the 20th-century progressives, and FDR's crew, in which otherwise divergent thinkers have tied our Constitution to our economy.
These ideologically divergent thinkers would form the basis for the 20th-century existentialism of thinkers as varied as Heidegger, Jaspers, Sartre and Camus.
The perceived significance of divergent thinking supports findings by Hudson (1966, quoted in Quilter and Harper 1988, p.121) who found that the rule obeying behaviour and conformity of convergent thinkers was more appropriate for mathematics as it is taught in many classrooms than the thinking styles of divergent thinkers. The perceived rigidity of mathematics conflicts with the thinking styles of divergent thinkers, who wish to explore various approaches to mathematics.
But artists and designers are divergent thinkers: they expand the horizon of possibilities.
Rather than everyone focusing on a question with a single answer, divergent thinkers look for many possible solutions to a problem.