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 (dĭ-vûrt′, dī-)
v. di·vert·ed, di·vert·ing, di·verts
1. To turn aside from a course or direction: Traffic was diverted around the scene of the accident.
2. To distract: My attention was diverted by an argument between motorists.
3. To entertain by distracting the attention from worrisome thoughts or cares; amuse. See Synonyms at amuse.
To turn aside.

[Middle English diverten, from Old French divertir, from Latin dīvertere : dī-, dis-, aside; see dis- + vertere, to turn; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

di·vert′er n.
di·vert′ing·ly adv.
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Since 1966, the California Water Code has required diverters of surface water, with certain exceptions, to report their diversions to the water board.
The remaining four aneurysms of three patients were treated with flow diverter stents.
For return-on-investment purposes, these features are beneficial because they allow for the replacement of worn parts, rather than full diverter replacement.
* Install a diverter valve under the sink, and direct water to one or two nearby plants in a tiny branched drain system.
The free-floated slimline alloy hand-guard covers the rear portion of the blast diverter as well as the low-profile gas block and features M-LOK attachment points and an included forward hand stop--another great feature considering the short length of the barrel.
FITTING THE DIVERTER Once your staging or stand is set, you can plonk (technical term) the water butt on top of it and fit the piping.
Mike Lord, CEO of LightwaveRF, said: "The partnership with Power Diverter is immensely exciting and opens up a whole new world of energy control for smart home owners.
DT Ultravert diverter technology enhances well output by directing hydraulic fracking fluids to unstimulated portions of the formation, thus releasing previously unrecoverable hydrocarbons at a fraction of the cost of drilling a new well.
This contract award follows the completion of a Au1 million project with the same client last year, which saw EFC Group supply a BOP & Diverter control system for another semi submersible.
Recently I became aware that Wilson Combat (www.wilsoncombat.com) was selling something similar, and so I obtained a sample of their Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake as well their "Blast Diverter."
The drive can be moved without changing the belt; changing from head to central drive requires only an additional diverter roller.