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n. pl. di·ver·ti·men·tos or di·ver·ti·men·ti (-tē)
A chiefly 18th-century form of instrumental chamber music having several short movements. Also called divertissement.

[Italian, from divertire, to divert, from Old French divertir; see divert.]


n, pl -ti (-tɪ)
1. (Classical Music) a piece of entertaining music in several movements, often scored for a mixed ensemble and having no fixed form
2. (Classical Music) an episode in a fugue
[C18: from Italian]


(dɪˌvɜr təˈmɛn toʊ, -ˌvɛr-)

n., pl. -tos, -ti (-tē).
1. an instrumental composition in several movements, light and diverting in character, similar to a serenade.
[1750–60; < Italian, =diverti(re) to divert + -mento -ment]


An entertaining chamber suite or miniature symphony.
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Noun1.divertimento - a musical composition in several movementsdivertimento - a musical composition in several movements; has no fixed form
musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piece - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"
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The Prague Philharmonia premiered at the Rudolfinum Michal Nejtek's I Hear the Sky, the Prague Chamber Orchestra premiered Vladimir Franz's Prazske divertimento (Prague Divertimento), while the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra presented within a single concert three new pieces for string quartet and symphony orchestra--Martin Kumzak's Sroubovice (The Helix), Petr Wajsar's Ciganska ouvertura (The Gypsy Overture) and Jan Kucera's Zrozeni (The Birth), the latter of whom also conducted the whole crossover evening.
Concert The East Coast Chamber Orchestra, Ravel String Quartet, Mozart Divertimento, Greenstein Four and more, presented by Music Worcester, 8 p.
QATAR Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) played Mahler's No 1 along with Bela Martok's Divertimento for string orchestra under the baton of Han-Na Chang at Opera House in Katara on Saturday.
Todo lo anterior viene a cuento porque un muy pequeno grupo--tres personas para ser exactos--de cantantes y teatristas han montando y estan presentando un muy agradable divertimento operistico en el que examinan, justifican, condenan, espian, discuten y, por supuesto, cantan e interpretan a algunas mujeres, personajes de conocidas operas que, simplemente, estan locas de atar por lo que han nombrado a su espectaculo,
II:40; Berkeley: Fierce Tears I (1983); Berkeley: Fierce Tears II (1983); Haydn: Divertimento a tre.
Singing in Christmas' will be performed by Divertimento - music for voices - at 7.
5062, 1831) und Divertimento [g-moll] (D 78; Ricordi Pl.
The concert programme features an array of impressive string music, from Mozart's Divertimento in D Major, a popular and light-hearted work from his Salzburg Symphonies, to Mendelssohn's dreamy Symphony for Strings No.
Alongside these classics, PNB charts new territory with company premieres of Balanchine's Divertimento from "Le Baiser de la Fee" and the dreamy narcissism of Robbins' Afternoon of a Faun.
In Beethoven's Op 12 No 3 Sonata and Stravinsky's Divertimento from Le Baiser de la Fe - two lighter-hearted works - they were by no means frivolous.
The ensemble La Donna Musicale, winch is dedicated to the discovery and exposure of previously unknown or ignored works by women composers of the Renaissance, baroque, and classical periods, has performed another in its ongoing series of public services with this very fine disc, which includes world premiere recordings of several vocal pieces ascribed to Bon (featuring the excellent soprano Julianne Baird) in addition to three sonatas for a variety of solo instruments with continuo, a sonata for fortepiano, and a lovely three-movement divertimento for two flutes with continuo, rendered here by two violins with fortepiano and viola da gamba.
Cuando Serna se decide a escribir literatura de divertimento es todo un maestro al que se le pueden aprender algunos secretillos sicalipticos y una que otra procacidad llena de sabrosura latina.