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Standing on the grassy knoll and divertingly speculating, it may well be that Danny Dyer is much more likely to be descended from the gamekeeper, rather than Edward III.
Amazingly, Buhari came up with the salary upgrade without oil boom but internally generated revenues that used to be squandered, divertingly shared among corrupt public officeholders in top echelon.
It's a divertingly funny movie, but its breeziness can also feel overstated, at times glib and a bit of a dodge.
As for the program's use of the smartphone as problem-solver and savior, the host's gadget did share mini how-to demos of raft-building and other survival tactics-but, again not very divertingly.
He is Krampus, the evil, twisted "shadow" of Santa Claus, and he has plenty of pain and destruction to rain down on one unlucky family that's lost the Christmas spirit in this divertingly spooky lump of cinematic coal.
One day I idly picked up from the desk of a military officer colleague with whom I was chatting a flimsy paperback divertingly entitled Navy Eval and Fitrep Writing Guide.
This long-delayed, divertingly designed sequel is Mad Men in Black.