divide off


w>divide off

visich (ab)trennen; (= be separable)sich (ab)trennen lassen
vt sep(ab)trennen
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And, moreover, that it could divide off Northern Ireland politically from England, Scotland and Wales in coming years.
"I imagine that they will set up areas for conspicuous alcohol consumption; a bit like how they divide off restaurant areas in Dubai malls during Ramadan," said David B.
If we're forced to divide off certain foreign activities, then the Swiss financial place will take on a totally different meaning.'
We must not just divide off a whole section of society, we should talk with them and tackle the problems that lead to groups congregating where they feel they have nowhere else to go at these ages.
''Of course China has influence in Burma (Myanmar) and I think it's very important that the message is sent out by us here that we want the whole world to work together and not to divide off into blocks to deal with these problems of unfairness, of inequality and injustice that for too long we have failed to act on,'' Brown said.
English and Dutch types can be left until they become over-crowded when you lift them, divide off the off-sets and replant.
"Measure 37 would let me divide off smaller lots," Stewart said.
This arrangement of being able to divide off a large production means that product lines that have different run times can be cleaned at different times.
The penthouse balconies reinforce the loft-living experience; While the apartments are the epitome of modern style, the Albany entrance and staircase are carefully preserved as a tribute to the craftsmen who created them; Chris Nisbet chose to divide off the dining and; living areas; The living area is a cosy, self-contained space; The kitchen has every convenience in its modern, clean design
Glass partitions will divide off two areas for corporate entertaining.
Much as I love the feeling of space, I need to divide off areas to use the space properly.