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1. Separated into parts or pieces.
2. Being in a state of disagreement or disunity: a divided nation.
3. Moved by conflicting interests, emotions, or activities: divided loyalties.
4. Separated by distance: a child divided from her familiar surroundings.
5. Having the lanes for opposing traffic separated: divided highways.
6. Botany Having indentations extending to the midrib or base and forming distinct lobes: divided leaves.

di·vid′ed·ly adv.
di·vid′ed·ness n.
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And whenever it is so addressed, it is never, on this occasion or on any other, dividedly addressed; it is always concentrated.
In every case, the distinction between multiplicity and monad is the distinction between a character as participated, and thus confined to, or "of," this or that participant, and the same character as unparticipated, or just as that character." Thus, "the multiplicity which is similar to a monad is dividedly that which the monad is undividedly." (7)
When beams spread to the filter using FSS or polarizer with distance D3 = 172.1 mm and D4 = 162.86 mm, the beam propagation direction of T-183G and T-324G is reflected and transmitted dividedly, where the reflection angle has [theta] = 30[degrees] and then the double beams are synthesized into an emergent field by sharing the same reflection mirror M3 with a distance D5 = 92.12mm.