divine law

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Noun1.divine law - a law that is believed to come directly from God
natural law, law - a rule or body of rules of conduct inherent in human nature and essential to or binding upon human society
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Sooner or later, they must, by divine law, find each other again and become united spirits once more.
I tell you," said Augustine, "if there is anything that is revealed with the strength of a divine law in our times, it is that the masses are to rise, and the under class become the upper one.
Then what I ask," said the damsel, "is that your magnanimous person accompany me at once whither I will conduct you, and that you promise not to engage in any other adventure or quest until you have avenged me of a traitor who against all human and divine law, has usurped my kingdom.
If a man dogmatize in a mixed company on Providence and the divine laws, he is answered by a silence which conveys well enough to an observer the dissatisfaction of the hearer, but his incapacity to make his own statement.
The venerable Chaplain of the Fortress being then admitted and exhorting the prisoner to repentance, entreating him also to atone for his crime by an unreserved and full confession which should help to liberate from the sin of rebellion against the Divine laws and the sacred Majesty of the Ruler, our Christ-loving land-- the prisoner opens his lips for the first time during this morning's audience and in a loud, clear voice rejects the venerable Chaplain's ministrations.
The male over-bloated ego must be deflated and we must begin to see that no divine law, irrespective of how it is coined by mortal minds and twisted by human hand(s), has conferred eternal superiority on one gender over the other.
The author covers divine law in early New England, colonial importations, the Revolution, the first constitutions, the framing and ratification of the Federal Constitution, controversial and non-systematic theory since 1789, systematic studies of politics, and many other related subjects.
The petition argues that it is a universal and divine law that whosoever rendered his services for the nation and humanity at a larger scale in an extraordinary, exemplary and selfless manner he shall be elevated to the highest level of military hierarchy.
Lipa Bishop Ramon Arguelles said same-sex marriage was 'against divine law and natural human law.
Jerusalem refers to the way of life based on obedience to divine law, while Athens refers to the way of life based on the human search for wisdom.
Obedience to divine law brings peace to this life and salvation in the next.
Human beings are bound not by other people, but by divine law and natural law.