divine revelation

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Noun1.divine revelation - communication of knowledge to man by a divine or supernatural agency
making known, informing - a speech act that conveys information
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It will be accompanied by Mother Rebecca and Sister Emanuela from the Missionaries of Divine Revelation - the religious order spiritually born from this apparition.
It was on this special day that the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) conveyed Allah's special message, right when the Angel Jibril came towards Him with the divine revelation.
Socrates and Divine Revelation. Rochester, N.Y.: University of Rochester Press, 2018.
This leads us to conclude that humanity needs divine revelation. This is very important to resolve issues that human beings can never settle (and come to a universal agreement on) like what is ethical and moral.
The nobility and stature of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been elaborated by Almighty through divine revelation in Holy Quran and there are over 1.7 billion Muslims all over the world who believe that he is last messenger prophet.
Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, may you spend this month in company of the latest divine revelation, with its messages and teachings.
While people of this country were embroiled in sensitive issue of finality of Prophet (PBUH) which has been settled by Divine revelation in Holy Koran and any individual who has any doubts is automatically cast out of fold of Islam by Almighty Allah, other changes were made and everybody including opposition and so called religious parties chose to ignore.
In general, he says, religious traditions that have sacred texts are grounded in a divine revelation, making the revealed message sacred by virtue of its origin from a higher being--the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam being prime examples.
I argue that while the divine, ontologically speaking, transcends history, divine revelation always takes place within history.
Susan Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation with her unique, field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, for hearing and testing the inner voice, and for receiving clear divine guidance.
Recognizing different ways the inspired Scriptures originated from God, the document concentrates on divine revelation becoming "a written text" and on the books of the Bible functioning as "a privileged vehicle of God's revelation" (47, 60).
The 128-page book falls in several chapters, including "Khadija the Mother of the Faithful who was the most knowledgeable person about the significance of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)", "Divine revelation as clue of Mohammedan perfection", "Preference among prophets and messengers according to preference of their missions", "Analytic insights into the divine revelations, including verification of hadith related to "respecting familial bonds", "the income of poor breadwinners", "hosting one's guest", and "refunding of entrusted items".