divinity fudge

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Noun1.divinity fudge - white creamy fudge made with egg whites
fudge - soft creamy candy
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When shown people in drag, like Divinity Fudge (1997) or Jerome Caja (1993), it's not that we see them for what they are or even aspire to be, but as stark affronts to history, sacrificial lambs for the slaughter.
Like characters in a story, familiar names attached to the recipes take me back not only to a bridesmaids' brunch, a baby shower, a funeral, but also to my grandmother's canasta partner and her Divinity Fudge.
During the Closing Night Gala of the Freakzone, I witnessed a performance art piece by Ron Athey wherein a 400-pound man by the name of Divinity Fudge had his back carved into a variety of geometric shapes while the surgeon/artist blotted paper towels over the open wounds and clothes-pinned them to a series of clotheslines which spanned the breadth of the Freakzone auditorium.