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 (dĭ-vī′sĭv, -vĭs′-ĭv)
Creating dissension or discord.

di·vi′sive·ly adv.
di·vi′sive·ness n.
Usage Note: The word divisive is usually pronounced in both American and British English as (dĭ-vī′sĭv), with the stressed syllable having a long i. This was the preferred pronunciation of 88 percent of the Usage Panel in our 2013 ballot. The pronunciation with a short i in the stressed syllable, rhyming with permissive, was acceptable to only 16 percent of the Panel in 2001 but has made inroads since then, to the point where it was deemed acceptable by 65 percent of the Panel in 2013. The long-i pronunciation conforms to the regular rules for pronouncing English spelling, which call for a long vowel before a consonant-vowel sequence (as in decisive, derisive, and incisive) and a short vowel before a doubled consonant (as in missive and permissive). Though still less favored than the pronunciation with a long i, the pronunciation with a short i is on the path to becoming an established variant pronunciation in American English.


[dɪˈvaɪsɪvnɪs] N the divisiveness of this decisionlas disensiones causadas/que serán causadas por esta decisión
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Arabism is the only option that brings us together," said Machnouk, juxtaposing it with the "Wilaya of divisiveness.
From the stark reality of racism to the self-centered decisions of individuals, the vicious circle of ignorance, fear, and partisan divisiveness spells out the current national crisis of the social fabric unravelling before our eyes.
I, like many of my colleagues, am concerned with the divisiveness of Northumberland's Tories in that they are more interested in politics which supports their Government's line by maintaining failure than driving improvement to help our young people succeed.
Elections in Nigeria are traditionally a volatile exercise and now their fate in March is compounded by the divisiveness the postponement has led to between President Goodluck Jonathan's People's Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress led by Muhammadu Buhari.
It's not acceptable to have extremist Islamist rhetoric, jihadists and divisiveness taught in our schools and it needs to be cracked down on very, very quickly which it will be.
19 ( ANI ): Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will give an opportunity to the people to decide whether they want peace and harmony or anarchy and divisiveness in the nation.
Regarding Oman, she said the country is an oasis of tolerance in a desert of divisiveness -- proving that, right in the geographical centre of a troubled region, different sects can and do live side by side.
The Conservative Party seems to want to go back to divisiveness and chaos to deny our children and grandchildren the right to a decent education and facilities to encourage the betterment of all our children.
Corporately, perhaps the most consistent issue is our divisiveness.
Borisov accused his Deputy of sowing divisiveness in the parliamentary group of the ruling centrist-right GERB.
One can only admire her clear-headedness and her clear voice among the still strong sounds of anger, indignation, and divisiveness.
He said, 'What is very damaging (in Europe) from the outside is not the divisiveness about the broader debate, about strategy, but about the ongoing conflict between governments and the central bank, and you need both to work together to do what is essential to the resolution of any crisis.