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Noun1.divulgement - the act of disclosing something that was secret or private
disclosure, revealing, revelation - the speech act of making something evident
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(110) Notably, Section 3 focuses on the decedent's intent, prohibiting a judge from compelling ISP divulgement if the decedent's intent demonstrates a desire for maintaining privacy in the communications.
As creatures with consciousness, we must suppress that divulgement lest it break us with a sense of being things without significance or foundation, anatomies shackled to a landscape of pointless horrors.
The TLGFA provided in the sense that the national and provincial government would delegate to the traditional council or traditional leaders powers to deal with the: administration of land; agriculture; health; social security; administration of justice; protection and security; birth, death and customary marriage records; economic development; environment; tourism; management of disasters; management of natural resources; and divulgement of information relative to the policies and programs of the government.