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tr.v. di·vulged, di·vulg·ing, di·vulg·es
1. To make known (something private or secret).
2. Archaic To proclaim publicly.

[Middle English divulgen, from Old French divulguer, from Latin dīvulgāre, to publish : dī-, dis-, among; see dis- + vulgāre, to spread among the multitude (from vulgus, common people).]

di·vul′gence n.
di·vulg′er n.


(dɪˈvʌl dʒəns, daɪ-)

a divulging.
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Noun1.divulgence - the act of disclosing something that was secret or private
disclosure, revealing, revelation - the speech act of making something evident
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The truth, however, has after all a merit of its own, and the great kinsfolk of poor Lord Ernest have but little to lose by its divulgence. It would seem that they knew more of the real character of the apostle of Rational Drink than was known at Exeter Hall.
To the extent that the weakest points are the direct infiltration by informers; paid informants; leaks from disaffected staff in situ; the poaching of key staff; inadvertent divulgence by staff when chatting to friends or colleagues in public places and variants of cyberattack - the natural lead must necessarily come from the Human Resources Department.
It is harnessed by the idea of the transformation of the being, thus my divulgence into ambiguous visual forms.
(226) Of course she consented to church doctrine; (227) but her already-established counseling relationship obscured her ex ante consent to the church's disciplinary measures, made clear by her inability to foresee that her divulgence would lead to injury.
Participants explained that deductive disclosure was possible within a small community such as the Deaf Community, thereby making possible a greater divulgence of potentially identifying information than what the actual words of the post may have said or intended.
With tax evasion cases taking decades to be decided in clogged courts, with the expenses to investigate, prosecute and hear greater than the taxes sought to be paid, Angara said "an amnesty, in many instances, could yield bigger amounts than the prosecution route." Angara said unlawful divulgence of tax amnesty return and supporting documents has corresponding penalties under the bill.
The unlawful divulgence of the tax amnesty return and supporting documents would merit a P150,000 fine and a maximum jail term of 10 years for those from the private sector.
The senator said any unlawful divulgence of tax amnesty return and supporting documents has corresponding penalties.
The voice initiates a hushed divulgence as it touches the word minamahal, and with a restraint that could only come from innate vocal discipline, the voice goes up and hints a hairbreadth of sigh before it reaches the eternal declaration iniibig.
The disclosure, accompanying the publication of her book "Unhinged" about her experiences on the 2016 presidentialcampaign and her ensuing two-plus years in the White House, came on the heels of the divulgence of potentially inculpatory secret recording of President DonaldTrump by his former trusted lawyer and "fixer," Michael Cohen, who entered an eight-count felony guilty plea a few weeks ago.
This study revealed that quality of life may be impacted in terms of sexuality for both the man and his partner, the divulgence of appropriate and comprehensive education from healthcare providers, feelings of loneliness and isolation for the partner, and togetherness.