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tr.v. di·vulged, di·vulg·ing, di·vulg·es
1. To make known (something private or secret).
2. Archaic To proclaim publicly.

[Middle English divulgen, from Old French divulguer, from Latin dīvulgāre, to publish : dī-, dis-, among; see dis- + vulgāre, to spread among the multitude (from vulgus, common people).]

di·vul′gence n.
di·vulg′er n.


(dɪˈvʌl dʒəns, daɪ-)

a divulging.
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Noun1.divulgence - the act of disclosing something that was secret or private
disclosure, revealing, revelation - the speech act of making something evident
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The truth, however, has after all a merit of its own, and the great kinsfolk of poor Lord Ernest have but little to lose by its divulgence.
While the divulgence of trade secrets may better enable mental healthcare recipients outside of this particular facility to make informed decisions about their mental healthcare options (McGarity and Shapiro, 1980), this would counteract the objectives of respondents managing for-profit facilities, whose organizations were mostly committed to profit generation.
The bill added that any person who makes an unlawful divulgence of information contained in the Tax Amnesty Return or the SALN shall be penalized by a fine of not less than P250,000 and imprisonment of not less that one year but not more than six years.
And I am grateful no matter how the divulgence came about, that we knew sooner rather than later.
The debate on what constitutes privacy is a vast body of argument and opinion but what is incontestable is that democratic conventions must not allow for compulsory divulgence of personal data and biometrics, however secure their end-usage by the government.
LHW Program got the responsibility to promote health, prevent diseases and divulgence of information at the community level to tackle health related issues8,9.
Information mining is the examination wander of the "learning divulgence in databases" process, or Knowledge Discovery Process (KDD) [4,5].
But the consumerist impulse that feeds the promiscuous divulgence of personal information similarly threatens our rights as individuals and our collective welfare.
Often, this approach requires the divulgence of more information than the past.
Possibility of instantaneous circulation and divulgence of the obtained image;
com/entertainmentlife/20161225/in-her-unflinching-the-princess-diarist-carrie-fisher-reveals-all-juicy-details) had attracted quite a bit of attention for her divulgence of juicy secrets including her behind-the-scenes romance with Ford on the "Star Wars" set.