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adj. diz·zi·er, diz·zi·est
1. Having a whirling sensation and a tendency to fall.
a. Bewildered or confused: "I was dizzy with anger and shame" (Amy Benson).
b. Slang Scatterbrained or silly.
3. Producing or tending to produce giddiness: a dizzy height.
4. Characterized by impulsive haste; very rapid: "There he sat ... gabbing at his usual dizzy pace" (H.L. Mencken).
tr.v. diz·zied, diz·zy·ing, diz·zies
1. To cause to have a whirling sensation.
2. To confuse or bewilder.

[Middle English dusie, disi, from Old English dysig, foolish.]

diz′zi·ly adv.
diz′zi·ness n.
diz′zy·ing·ly adv.


in a dizzying manner
References in classic literature ?
Then she told them of another industry, her home-made jams and jellies, always contracted for in advance, and at prices dizzyingly beyond the regular market.
Instead, viewers inhabit an immersive space -- walls, floor and ceiling alike dizzyingly splashed with swirling, cropped images of Van Gogh's works, clumsily phased together like an early Windows screensaver.
Capturing the ''zeitgeist'' of the Now is not an easy thing because we are living in a dizzyingly fluid moment.
Ever since, the Athens-born film-maker has delighted us with his dizzyingly inventive and original character studies, which inhabit a netherworld between reality and fantasy, including the Oscar-nominated love story The Lobster.
The casual reader may find some sections of the book challenging, less because of academic theory than due to Delvaux's sometimes dizzyingly imaginative approach.
The dizzyingly appealing nature of the pattern is eye-catching yet soothing in its repetition.
The five-piece girl group from Cardiff - produced by Super Furry ace Cian Ciaran - offer a dizzyingly beautiful brand of ghetto heaveninscribed pop soul.
There were ornate cakes piled dizzyingly high while the delicious smells from the cooking stalls tantalised taste buds long before visitors arrived.
Shot in a dizzyingly stylish way, the opening programme looks like a movie, and has a sly sense of dark humour.
The number of business opportunities for local companies to bid for in the North East and nationally is growing at an unprecedented rate, but the procurement process has become dizzyingly complex and puts many small businesses and SMEs off - but it shouldn't with just a little support.
With the film releasing this weekend, it's in stores in the UAE, with a range of fun T-shirts and jerseys for men and women, as well as dizzyingly colourful separates.
True enough, the 13 songs here are dizzyingly different - there can't be many cross-dressing rockers out there toying with doo-wop and sax solos.