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adj. diz·zi·er, diz·zi·est
1. Having a whirling sensation and a tendency to fall.
a. Bewildered or confused: "I was dizzy with anger and shame" (Amy Benson).
b. Slang Scatterbrained or silly.
3. Producing or tending to produce giddiness: a dizzy height.
4. Characterized by impulsive haste; very rapid: "There he sat ... gabbing at his usual dizzy pace" (H.L. Mencken).
tr.v. diz·zied, diz·zy·ing, diz·zies
1. To cause to have a whirling sensation.
2. To confuse or bewilder.

[Middle English dusie, disi, from Old English dysig, foolish.]

diz′zi·ly adv.
diz′zi·ness n.
diz′zy·ing·ly adv.
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in a dizzying manner
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References in classic literature ?
Then she told them of another industry, her home-made jams and jellies, always contracted for in advance, and at prices dizzyingly beyond the regular market.
Juliene Mendoza impressively juggles his dizzyingly multiple personae, from guardian angel to Mexican drug dealer (his quip about stereotyping Latino characters is priceless) to the embodiment of cancer; the conflation of his roles as guardian angel and cancer personified is chilling.
Over the centuries the water has carved three limestone arcs across the main chamber at the end of a dizzyingly steep gorge.
But these students are more than just dizzyingly high ACT and SAT scores and grade-point averages.
Jaitley -- a man with a finger in every power pie in Lutyens' Delhi, the quintessential counsellor to the dizzyingly powerful
For Al, a house that shifts on its foundations is benefit, not risk, and nostalgia for lost artifacts is just sensible: he insists that home video recordings will revert to Super 8s, because that media "so closely resembles memory the picture jerks and swerves, then it spins dizzyingly and stops on a blurry extreme closeup of the sand.
This week, the 27-year-old YouTuber will be attempting a dizzyingly complex Street/Commercial routine to House of Pain's 1992 hooligan hip-hop hit Jump Around.
It's dizzyingly romantic, effortlessly intelligent and doesn't end in murder or death by dramatic illness.
Such a strategy would ruffle many feathers for the simple reason that most matatus are owned by powerful people in the hierarchy of the police and government, he told the Nation.It is a dizzyingly intricate network whose shots are called by senior police officers and city millionaires.
Through a series of dizzyingly complicated long shots, we're introduced to all our main characters in the train station as they board, the characteristics and clues flying fast and furiously.
Instead, viewers inhabit an immersive space -- walls, floor and ceiling alike dizzyingly splashed with swirling, cropped images of Van Gogh's works, clumsily phased together like an early Windows screensaver.