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or djel·la·bah also jel·la·ba  (jə-lä′bə) or ga·la·bi·a (gə-lä′bē-ə)
A long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves, worn especially in Muslim countries.

[French, from Arabic jallāba, variant of Arabic jallābīya (perhaps originally meaning "garment worn by traders"), from jallāb, trader, importer, from jalaba, to attract, bring, fetch, import; see glb in Semitic roots.]


or djel•la•ba

(dʒəˈlɑ bə)

n., pl. -bahs or -bas.
a loose-fitting hooded gown or robe worn by men in North Africa.
[1915–20; < Arabic jallabah]


[ˈdʒeləbə] Nchilaba f
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I walked toward it and, as I approached, the dot looked more like a djellabah crowned by a pointed hood.
La valeur marchande de cette saisie, composee de 460 souliers, 200 djellabah pour femme,.
Tous habilles d'un meme costume ou presque : Djellabah de couleur blanche, turban blanc ou jaune et un fil de laine rouge, ornemente en [beaucoup moins que] mouzoun [beaucoup plus grand que] brillant.
Merah, lying on the ground below his second-storey apartment, was wearing a flak jacket and black djellabah robe.
161) Even more familiar to the Western reader is the mother's detailed description of her suffering in traditional clothing: "I had to keep my djellabah hood on my head for days at a time, and even though this made me sweat I couldn't take it off until I got home.
a man wearing a djellabah on a bicycle selling postcards of his sister; one heavily armed electric scooter; a rapid attack Peugeot 304 GL; the Al Chokey-Chokey lst Diesel Taxis; and the Saddam Household Private Light Goods.
From the upended stern of a hulk, where he was arguing violently with a middle-aged man in orange djellabah and dark glasses, a pimply adolescent shouted, "Can anyone straighten out the fucking Trinity for us?
What is reiterated and haunts the narrative is that Nissim was dressed in a white djellabah and a cotton turban when the narrator imagines having seen him last.