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or djel·la·bah also jel·la·ba  (jə-lä′bə) or ga·la·bi·a (gə-lä′bē-ə)
A long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves, worn especially in Muslim countries.

[French, from Arabic jallāba, variant of Arabic jallābīya (perhaps originally meaning "garment worn by traders"), from jallāb, trader, importer, from jalaba, to attract, bring, fetch, import; see glb in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈdʒɛləbə) ,






(Clothing & Fashion) a kind of loose cloak with a hood, worn by men esp in North Africa and the Middle East
[from Arabic jallabah]
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A long, loose, hooded cloak with wide sleeves, worn in many Muslim countries.
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Dressed in veils and djellabahs, his models seem to respect their heritage.
Dressed in djellabahs, the young women are portrayed in colorful settings atop motorcycles and scooters, their eyes, at once playful and defiant above their veils, exude a thinly disguised sensuality.
Young women from the quartier follow Islamic custom and tend to stay off the street, but those who venture out rarely wear head scarves, which, in Marseilles, are--like skullcaps, djellabahs, and three-day beards--telltale signs of recent arrival.