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A goblet-shaped hand drum of West African origin.

[French djembé, from Mande jenbe.]


(Instruments) a W African drum played by beating with the hand
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Each Bandit can be seen at points playing instruments simultaneously, some of which, such as the tongue drum, mohan venna and djembe, are rarely seen in Western music.
Apart from organising singing and djembe performances, the Volunteers Corps also arranged a health talk, blood pressure measurement and photo-taking for the elderly tenants.
Four performers use the ' djembe ', a rope-tuned goblet drum played with bare hands, to produce enchanting rhythms and pacey beats that bring the crowd and especially children to their feet.
The troupe's leader calls them on the stage in groups while his team plays the djembe in varying pace, and the children tap their feet and perform simple dance moves in synchronisation with the fast beats.
He became friends with Ed years ago when he played the djembe, a West African drum, at gigs with the hit-making singer.
The music sounds will be produced by DJs such as DJ Bkas, Mr Fox and DJ Cotsios o Pikatillis, while there will also be a number of radio shows such as Radio Djembe, by Vanesha Pillay and Astral Pasta and many more.
Taneli, then 23, was a masters student at Huddersfield University and played three instruments the marimba, a type of large xylophone, the djembe African drum and the snare drum across five solo performances.
Children take part in drum workshop using Djembe drums Doug
Asda'a was PR agency of the year in the Middle East and Africa, with TRACCS coming in second, and Djembe Communications third.
Patrick plays many different percussion instruments and drum kit but specialises in the West African djembe drum and its' associated instruments.
Djembe Communications, the Pan-African communications consultancy, has its sights set for continued growth in the second half of 2016.
But she still pounded the West African djembe drum with the palms of her hands and smiled and laughed as she followed the deafening rhythms, similar to the beat from the Queen song We Will Rock You.