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A goblet-shaped hand drum of West African origin.

[French djembé, from Mande jenbe.]


(Instruments) a W African drum played by beating with the hand
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Led by Ansoumana 'Vieux' Bakayoko, a 'djembefola' (djembe player), each workshop introduces the art of playing the djembe drum to a traditional African rhythm.
Also, there will be African djembe drumming performances and appearances from pop stars, the website said.
The Djembe Joy Village in Frontierland, open daily from 2pm, is home to the Djembe Academy, where guests receive enthusiastic percussive tuition to play the goblet-shaped African drum.
In Limassol's fest visitors will be able to take part in acro or aerial yoga, Africa Djembe sessions, chanting healing ceremonies, presentations on dog behaviour and Tantra.
The musical evening contained an interactive narration through innovative rhythmic dialogue on the tabla, violin, flute and followed by an ensemble between the tabla, dholak, kadtaal, pakhawaj, udu djembe and darabuka, the ICC said in a statement.
The musical evening will include interactive narrations through innovative rhythmic dialogue on the tabla, violin and flute followed by an ensemble between tabla, dholak, kadtaal, pakhawaj, udu, djembe and darabuka.
Learn basic rhythms on dunun drums and the djembe accompaniment parts.
In addition, she said they were expecting some musicians from Zimbabwe such as Flying Bantu of Afro Jazz Reggie and Djembe Monks of Jazz Beats among others.
Let your family explore their musical talents on djembe drums, bongos, wood blocks, maracas, tambourines, castanets and lots more.
There's dancing all night to world beat-jazz-rock outfit Dayaw and djembe artist collective Adinkra Lumads.