do justice

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: justice - bring out fully or to advantage; "This photograph does not do her justice"
show - make visible or noticeable; "She showed her talent for cooking"; "Show me your etchings, please" justice - show due and full appreciation; "The diners did the food and wine justice"
prize, treasure, value, appreciate - hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
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Kruah to lobby for whom, he didn't say but adds that if the allegation were true, than the senator is not doing justice to the citizens of Nimba County, stressing that the court needs to do justice to their district.
On behalf of five crore people of Andhra, I'm demanding Centre to do justice to the state.
He called on the members of the prosecution to shoulder their responsibilities and exert efforts to do justice and protect the rights and liberties .