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 (dŏs′əl, -īl′)
1. Ready and willing to be taught; teachable.
2. Yielding to supervision, direction, or management; tractable.

[Latin docilis, from docēre, to teach; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

doc′ile·ly adv.
do·cil′i·ty (dŏ-sĭl′ĭ-tē, dō-) n.
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بصورَةٍ لَيِّنَه
rólega, meî auîsveipni
uslu uslu


[ˈdəʊsaɪli] adv [behave] → docilement
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(ˈdəusail) , ((American) ˈdosl) adjective
(of a person or animal) quiet and easy to manage. a docile child/pony.
ˈdocilely adverb
doˈcility (douˈsiliti) noun
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"Yes," said Marner, docilely, bringing his eyes very close, that they might be initiated in the mysteries; whereupon Baby seized his head with both her small arms, and put her lips against his face with purring noises.
Silas began now to think of Raveloe life entirely in relation to Eppie: she must have everything that was a good in Raveloe; and he listened docilely, that he might come to understand better what this life was, from which, for fifteen years, he had stood aloof as from a strange thing, with which he could have no communion: as some man who has a precious plant to which he would give a nurturing home in a new soil, thinks of the rain, and the sunshine, and all influences, in relation to his nursling, and asks industriously for all knowledge that will help him to satisfy the wants of the searching roots, or to guard leaf and bud from invading harm.
The savage light died from his eyes, and as the stranger stepped forward toward Korak, Tantor trailed docilely at his heels.
The giant followed docilely, his eyes roving about the room--the pitiful questioning still upon his handsome features.
As the days went by, other dogs came, in crates and at the ends of ropes, some docilely, and some raging and roaring as he had come; and, one and all, he watched them pass under the dominion of the man in the red sweater.
She could see no way in which to escape and so she went docilely with him, hoping against hope that some fortuitous circumstance might eventually arise that would give her the coveted chance for freedom and life.
Now, I make a point of never having any prejudices, and of following docilely wherever fact may lead me, and so, in the very first stage of the investigation, I found myself looking a little askance at the part which had been played by Mr.
People who would never let politicians determine their behavior in minor respects docilely trust these same politicians to confiscate their lives and fortunes to attack a designated enemy This might be done by forcible conscription, but just as effective is the popular near-hysteria that is aroused by propaganda or news coverage, such as in September 2001 and December 1941, both of which I recall.
But realizing now that for better or worse he had become totally dependent on this exotic and improbable black woman, and that without her help, he might not only never escape to America, but might well end up for the rest of his days in some grotesque horror of a German prison, he abruptly decided he must change both attitude and tactics and, smiling sheepishly, he began to undress, docilely handing each elegant garment in turn to an old crone dressed entirely in black who had materialized from behind a curtained alcove in a far corner of the cavernous all-purpose room.
Again, he is boundary-crossing by forcing our attention toward something we are supposed to regret but docilely accept.
For example, the child protagonist in A Walk in Paris has to wait and queue at various tourist and transportation sites, yet she is always docilely co-operative and never appears frustrated, resentful, or uninterested in the day's adventure (15, 35).
Germany was occupied and in ruins, docilely subverted within the Soviet and American spheres of influence.