docking fee

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Noun1.docking fee - a fee charged for a vessel to use a dock
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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Fortunately, SBMA management immediately realized the mistake and rescinded the docking fee requirement.
Sofronio Jucutan, vice president of the DCCCI said every ship that arrives in Davao City pays a docking fee.
Currently, dhow operators pay a daily docking fee of between Dh100 to Dh200 per day depending on the capacity of the vessel.
Reyes said he is also opposing the P30 docking fee per boat that will be charged by the developer of the Guimaras-Iloilo Ferry Terminal.
But after the craft's operator, the Seoul-based Hanjin Shipping Company, went bust a mere week into the voyage, Moss ended up in Tokyo instead, the Geneva having been denied access to its intended port amid worries that docking fees would go unpaid.