docking station

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dock·ing station

1. A device to which a laptop or notebook computer can be attached to provide easy access to a power supply and a collection of peripherals that are typically connected to desktop computers.
2. A plug-in device with built-in speakers to which a portable media player can be attached, allowing audio files to be played out loud. In both senses also called dock.

docking station

(Electronics) a device used to connect one appliance to another, esp a portable computer and a desktop computer, to make use of its external power supply, monitor, and keyboard, esp to enable the transfer of data between the machines

dock′ing sta`tion

a small desktop cabinet, usu. containing disk drives and ports for connection to peripherals, into which a laptop may be inserted so as to give it the functionality of a desktop computer.
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Previously, there weren't high-performing docking stations available for consumer laptops," says Jamie Elgie, Sr.
The overall guest experience will be enhanced through this hip take on classic Flamingo style, with sleek new designs that feature sophisticated entertainment systems and MP3 player docking stations.
Featuring Super Bass Speakers with a maximum wattage of 12W, the ThunderDock(TM) docking stations also charge iPod's and portable music devices through their USB ports.
NEW YORK -- Guests of The Lowell, the only luxury hotel in New York City with wood burning fireplaces and Bose iPod Docking Stations, can now create a personal in-room ambience that reflects their individual mood and embraces their senses.
Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG) (Nasdaq:CBMX) announced today that Acacia Patent Acquisition Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary that is part of the Acacia Technologies group, a leader in technology licensing, has acquired a patent relating to a commonly used technology to connect laptop computers to peripheral devices via docking stations.
The Universal Docking Station with Video is an affordable alternative to traditional OEM docking stations and port replicators that can be used with any Hi-Speed USB 2.
The Goodrich laptop docking station EFB system is designed specifically for an aerospace environment and includes two sunlight-readable, high-resolution, touch-screen displays, two laptop docking stations and an installation kit.
The NetLink s340 and s640 Docking Stations provide a desktop telephone set that charges the NetLink e340 or NetLink i640 Wireless handsets, as well as functioning as a full-featured digital PBX extension.
Five remote docking stations were installed in divisional offices along with one main local docking station in NSTAR's Dedham, MA office.
This "hot docking" capability is a key feature in Mobility Electronics EasiDock products, differentiating them from competing docking stations that force users to re-boot when adding devices.
Much like port replicators, docking stations can do even more.
That's why manufacturers are adding docking stations to their notebook PCs--a feature that lets them hook up directly to such peripherals as color monitors, laser printers and CD-ROM drives.