docking station

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dock·ing station

1. A device to which a laptop or notebook computer can be attached to provide easy access to a power supply and a collection of peripherals that are typically connected to desktop computers.
2. A plug-in device with built-in speakers to which a portable media player can be attached, allowing audio files to be played out loud. In both senses also called dock.

docking station

(Electronics) a device used to connect one appliance to another, esp a portable computer and a desktop computer, to make use of its external power supply, monitor, and keyboard, esp to enable the transfer of data between the machines

dock′ing sta`tion

a small desktop cabinet, usu. containing disk drives and ports for connection to peripherals, into which a laptop may be inserted so as to give it the functionality of a desktop computer.
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LIVERPOOL'S Citybike scheme is set to be expanded - but the least popular docking stations will be removed.
These designated docking stations should enable walk-up renters to register, submit credit card data or other potential fare media, and execute a user agreement.
IOGEAR has expanded its family of USB-C, Thunderbolt, and USB Type-A docking stations with the addition of the sleek USB-C Ultra-Slim Dual Display Docking Station with Power Delivery (GUD3C02).
Three new docking stations engineered for Panasonic Toughpad devices have debuted: the FZ-A2, FZ-F1 and FZ-N1.
Its products include bags, cases, docking stations, and computer peripherals and are designed with its patent-protected technologies.
The future work in this paper will be construction of many numbers of docking stations in and around the home and also keeping a battery frame with many numbers of batteries.
Beam Communications has announced that the company have received Inmarsat's approval for its range of BEAM IsatDock2 docking stations for the recently released Inmarsat IsatPhone satellite handset.
We're excited to be at the heart of a new breed of docking stations, said John Cummins, Vice President Sales and Marketing, We've seen strong interest from Ultrabook users seeking both mobility and connectivity, and the new wireless docking station from Dell offers a great step forwards in docking connectivity.
com)-- Exeter Science and Entertainment (ESE) has launched the CoolStream Bluetooth music receiver for iPhone/iPod docking stations on Amazon.
said Tuesday it will voluntarily recall for free replacement some 63,000 alternating-current adapters used in Vaio personal computers and docking stations as their insufficient insulation could cause earth leakage.
The NetLink s340 and s640 Docking Stations provide a desktop telephone set that charges the NetLink e340 or NetLink i640 Wireless handsets, as well as functioning as a full-featured digital PBX extension.
Five remote docking stations were installed in divisional offices along with one main local docking station in NSTAR's Dedham, MA office.