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n. pl. dock·o·mini·ums
1. A dockside community of privately owned boats moored in slips that are purchased for year-round living.
2. A slip in such a community.


(ˌdɒk əˌmɪn i əm)
a dock or boat slip bought and sold as real property.
[1980–85; dock1 + (cond)ominium]
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The Mega Yacht community is yearning for more yacht slips and Pier 17 Marina & Yacht Club will address their needs with a dockominium product," stated Harry C.
82 acres of deeded deep water canal 90' wide, 1150' of shorline including submerged land for dockominiums.
Submerged land in basin owned by Seller who has a redesign plan to sell dockominiums & accommodate up to 90 ft yachts.