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a. A written or printed paper that bears the original, official, or legal form of something and can be used to furnish decisive evidence or information.
b. Something, such as a recording or a photograph, that can be used to furnish evidence or information.
c. A writing that contains information.
d. Computers A piece of work created with an application, as with a word processor.
e. Computers A computer file that is not an executable file and contains data for use by applications.
2. Something, especially a material substance such as a coin bearing a revealing symbol or mark, that serves as proof or evidence.
tr.v. (-mĕnt′) doc·u·ment·ed, doc·u·ment·ing, doc·u·ments
1. To furnish with a document or documents.
2. To methodically record the details of: "I had thought long and logically about ... how to document the patterns of dolphin behavior" (Diana Reiss).
3. To support (an assertion or claim, for example) with evidence or decisive information.
4. To support (statements in a book, for example) with written references or citations; annotate.

[Middle English, precept, from Old French, from Latin documentum, example, proof, from docēre, to teach; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

doc′u·ment′a·ble (-mĕn′tə-bəl) adj.
doc′u·ment′al (-mĕn′tl) adj.
doc′u·ment′er n.
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a person who documents
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However, the role of information development is changing; any documenter interested in defining value-add contribution must consider the evolving nature of information and its primacy in our economic life.
Prague, Czech Republic, April 21, 2018 --( Devart, a Czech software vendor of database tools and data connectivity solutions, released a brand-new addition to the dbForge for MySQL product line - dbForge Documenter for MySQL.
Donc c'etait une exigence de se documenter, ainsi que leur expliquer le fil conducteur du pourquoi du comment de l'histoire.
Je suis en train de me documenter sur le sujet que je compte presenter.
Comme c'est l'habitude depuis la Revolution de Janvier, les manifestants cherchent a documenter les evenements pilotes via un mini-musee oE ils collectent les pancartes brandies, les armes utilisees lors d'accrochages, les photos des victimes, pour un document qui raconte une partie de l'Histoire.
Indeed, while the quintessential (but never mainstreamed) bohemian was the ostensible hub of the show, his roles as facilitator, interlocutor, and documenter to more than fifty other artists, poets, performers, and personalities meant that the show felt like a family affair.
Comme le rappellent les concepteurs de l'exposition, il s'agit d'abord et avant tout de documenter ces changements et non pas de preconiser un traitement esthetique ou artistique des images utilisees.