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n. pl. do·dec·a·he·drons or do·dec·a·he·dra (-drə)
A polyhedron with 12 faces.

[Greek dōdekaedron, from neuter of Greek dōdekaedros, having twelve sides : dōdeka, twelve; see dodecagon + -edros, sided; see -hedron.]

do′dec·a·he′dral adj.
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Internal changes from sector-zoning to sigmoidal zoning during growth are attributed to cessation of crystal growth on dodecahedral faces and later growth on trapezohedral faces (Sepahi, 2007.
Figure 5c shows spheroidal morphologies and relict flaky crystals of the starting material, as well as dodecahedral crystals of faujasite, displaying a typical cubic (octahedral) symmetry and simple twinning, from which flaky aggregates grow.
A rural area south of Tabriz where Ghazal founded from 696 to 702 (1297 to 1302-3) a gigantic dodecahedral tomb around which were built twelve charitable and scholarly buildings (including the observatory).
Omnipower sound source, which uses a cluster of 12 loudspeakers in a dodecahedral configuration--"Bruel & Kjaer" (frequency response: 50 Hz-10 kHz);
3] high-pressure-prepared samples, Fe ions exist mainly at dodecahedra (Mg) sites, as well as at dodecahedral (Mg() and octahedral (Si) sites to form [Fe.
1) Transparent trapezohedral topazolite crystals showing at the center a large green demantoid phantom with dodecahedral form.
His audio installation Untitled (D'Apres la Sonosphere d'Elipson) (After the Sonosphere of Elipson), 2006, a six-track recording of the string section of the Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse tuning their instruments to the sine wave of a telephone dial tone, pours from a dodecahedral speaker suspended from the middle of the ceiling.
The mineral salt (sodium chloride) is a cubic crystal, calcium fluoride is octahedral, and pyrite (iron disulfide, FeS2) is dodecahedral.
With its 12-sided dodecahedral design, it has the ideal structure to create this size of multi-sided polyhedron sphere.
Morphology of analcime crystals is deltoid dodecahedral with dominant {211} faces.
4 nm dia is as small as a dodecahedral carbon molecule; previously, the smallest such tube--0.