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Relating to, composed in, or consisting of twelve-tone music.

[Greek dōdeka, twelve; see dodecagon + phon(o)-, tone, pitch + -ic.]

do·dec′a·phon·ist (dō-dĕk′ə-fə-nĭst, dō′də-kăf′ə-) n.
do·dec′a·phon′y (dō-dĕk′ə-fō′nē, dō′də-kăf′ə-), do·dec′a·phon·ism n.


(ˌeɪ toʊˈnæl ɪ ti)

music composed without reference to traditional tonality and employing the chromatic pitches on a free and equal basis.

dodecaphony, dodecaphonism

the composition of music employing the twelvetone scale. Also called dodecatonality, atonality. — dodecaphonist, n. — dodecaphonic, adj.
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Combining various aesthetics, like the chromatic modulation postwagnerian to the dodecaphonism, from the atonalism to neoclassicism, but always with a fresh humor.
Broadly speaking, Gerhard's musical style tends toward a fusion of folklike elements with free dodecaphonism.
The discussion of Gerhard's stance concerning dodecaphonism is very enlightening.